Infallible Pope Settles It: Breastfeeding In Public No Harm To God, So What’s YOUR Problem?

Well, it appears we can put the old breastfeeding in public debate to rest.

At a recent baptism in the Sistine Chapel, Pope Francis told the mothers of 33 infants to feel free to breastfeed their children if they were hungry or crying, and if you have the Pope’s blessing to breastfeed in the Sistine Chapel, one would think you could get away with it in a Target store.

Pope Francis stated briefly as an aside from his prepared speech:

“You mothers give your children milk and even now, if they cry because they are hungry, breastfeed them, don’t worry.”

Francis’ originally prepared text for his homily contained the phrase, “give them milk,” which prompted the Pope’s aside, but in speaking casually to the mothers before him, he altered the phrase to “allattateli,” which means “breastfeed them” in Italian, adding that the mothers should not hesitate.

20 girls and 13 baby boys were present for the baptism before Michelangelo’s frescoes. Pope Francis asked all present to consider the less fortunate mothers of the world, stating there are “too many, unfortunately, who can’t give food to their children.”

At least one mother was seen openly breastfeeding before the Pope’s invitation to do so, perhaps recalling an earlier similar statement made by the Pope and understanding his position on the subject clearly.

Baptism, of course, is the sacrament where infants and/or new converts are ceremonially initiated and welcomed into the Christian faith. Pope Francis poured water over the babies’ foreheads as he carried out the ritual.

The room used in the Sistine Chapel is where cardinals meet in secrete conclaves to elect popes, no doubt a highly reputable room in the Catholic religion. If Pope Francis feels such a holy room is not tarnished or disrespected by the act of mothers naturally feeding their children by the means from which God has granted them (if religion is your bag), then surely mothers should be able to do so in any other public place without being harassed or downright shamed. After all, it is something that both God and Science claim as completely natural.

And remember all you uptight, corporate Puritans, the Pope is infallible. Let’s keep a little perspective here the next time you come across a breastfeeding mother.


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