Horrible, Horrible Beauty Pageant Prize Kills Its Winner (VIDEO)

There is so much wrong with this story, I barely know where to begin. A gorgeous medical student in Ecuador entered a beauty contest. She won and one of the prizes was liposuction, because apparently no matter how beautiful a woman is deemed, she still needs to be skinnier.

But the story gets worse – so much worse. The pageant winner, 19-year-old Catherine Cando, didn’t even want the surgery. She had to be talked into it. When she finally gave in, the surgery killed her.

Catherine Cando, who was crowned in Ecuador’s Queen of Durán beauty contest last fall, initially refused the slimming procedure reasoning that she could work off the weight with diet and exercise, her brother told local media.

He said it was pressure from a surgeon, however, that made her cave.

Source: NY Daily News

Here’s a video of the very not overweight Cando being interviewed post-pageant:

In the U.S., liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery. More than 400,000 people have their fat sucked out each and every year. As many as 100 per 100,000 dies as a result and there are several other possible complications.

Cosmetic surgery is even more popular in South America. As a matter of fact, medical tourism is a booming business throughout South and Central America and parts of the Caribbean since the costs can be less than half what they are in the States.

Regulations are not the same as in the States but with proper precautions and a bit of homework, the risks can be minimized.

As for Cando’s death, the two doctors responsible have been arrested.

Featured image via video screenshot.