Right Wing Nut Job Shoots Oklahoma Police Chief Three Times – Lives, Won’t Be Charged (VIDEO)

Sentinel Oklahoma police chief, Louis Ross, was shot three times by a man whom neighbors describe as a ‘gun enthusiast’ and ‘survivalist’. Strangely, the man was not killed. Not only that, but he wasn’t even arrested or charged with a crime.

According to local media reports, police went to the man’s home after being notified of a bomb threat, targeting the Sentinel Community Action Building.  The Community building houses the Head Start program, among other programs. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Bomb Squad, the suspect called 911, stating that a bomb had been planted in the building and identifying himself to authorities. Police were also able to verify the location that the call was made from.

Police arrived at the home at about 6 am, and officers proceeded to enter. Oklahoma’s News 9 reports that a man by the name Dallas Horton shot Chief Ross as he entered one of the rooms in the home.

According to newsok.com, neighbors describe Horton and the woman who lives with him as ‘not very friendly.’ Signs on either side of the home’s front door warn of zombies. ‘Certified zombie killer,’ and ‘Warning, zombie’s Inside, Enter At Your Own Risk,’ greet visitors who dare to visit. Some described Horton as recently ‘being on edge.’ At least seven guns were removed from the property following the shooting.

Horton’s Facebook page is pretty much what you would expect to see on the page of any Obama-hating, Sharia-law fighting, NRA-loving, right-wing American patriot.

Screen capture, Dallas Horton, via Facebook

Screen capture, Dallas Horton, via Facebook

And this.

screen capture, Dallas Horton via Facebook

screen capture, Dallas Horton via Facebook

Ridiculously, NewsOK states that Horton “had posted statements on social media recently about the terrorist group ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” and even questioned whether he may have terrorist ties.

Here’s a sample of Horton’s posts ‘about the terrorist group ISIS’.

screen capture, Dallas Horton, via Facebook

screen capture, Dallas Horton, via Facebook

Maybe Ted Cruz belongs to ISIS?

Here’s another of Horton’s posts referencing ISIS, just to make sure there’s no confusion about where this guy stands.

screen capture, Dallas Horton via Facebook

screen capture, Dallas Horton via Facebook

Horton may or may not be a terrorist, but if he is, it’s clear from even the slightest glance at his social media posts that he’s a right-wing terrorist. That fact is painfully obvious in post after post on Horton’s Facebook page, from dubious right-wing news sources like thelibertyeagle.com, Christians Against Illegal Immigration, Conservative (Official) on Facebook, tpnn.com and Newsbusters, just to name a few.

I find it very difficult to believe that anyone could look at Horton’s Facebook page and come up with ‘Islamic Extremist.’  The guy is clearly a violence-loving, right-wing Christian extremist.

Aside from the media’s lame attempt to gloss over Horton’s extremist right-wing ideology, the really big question is why was he not arrested or charged with a crime, after shooting the Sentinel police chief three times.

Ross was wearing a bullet proof vest, which clearly saved his life. He was taken to the hospital, treated and released.

Horton was taken into ‘investigative detention,’ and quickly released. Police say no charges are expected at this time.

The Sentinel police chief is black. Horton is white. It’s speculation to say that has anything to do with what’s going on, yet it is NOT speculation to say that a white guy pulled out a gun and opened fire on police officers, then lived to tell about it.

According to Newson6.com:

 “After firing numerous shots, Horton surrendered himself to the officers. OSBI officials said no officers fired their weapons during the incident.”

Wow. The cops didn’t even shoot this guy when he was shooting at them.

Not only is Horton alive and well, he wasn’t even arrested or charged with a crime.

Authorities have not released further information about who called in the bomb threat that led them to Horton’s house in the first place.

Here’s a video from KOCO 5 News with more on the story:

*Featured image credit: video screen capture KOCO 5 News, via youtube