French TV Host Mocks ‘Credibility Of Fox News Clowns’ Who Compared Paris To Afghanistan (VIDEO)

While Fox News is known for regularly hosting some of the most moronic statements mankind has ever heard, the French finally have the perfect opportunity to get a little revenge for the network’s moronic peddling of “Freedom Fries” after France took a reasonable stance in opposition of the Iraq war.

French television show Le Petit Journal lambasted the U.S. propaganda outlet after yet another “expert” embarrassed himself, Fox, and humanity, by claiming that 741 “no-go zones” in France were essentially lawless, Muslim ghettos that “normals” avoid.

Terrorism “expert” Nolan Peterson told Elisabeth Hasselbeck that, in these “scary,” “Muslim” “ghettos,” men wear Bin Laden t-shirts and Islamic extremists freely give speeches. He suggests a “top-to-bottom shakedown of French society and culture” in order to get rid of this imagined problem.

Fact-checking website Snopes investigated the “no-go zone” claim after Fox News’ first brush with unbelievable ignorance on the matter. “Expert” Steve Emerson claimed the city of Birmingham, England was 100 percent Muslim, with non-Muslims avoiding the place.

Not only do Muslims comprise only about 21 percent of Birmingham’s population, but Snopes points out that the myth of no-go zones stems from “translation confusion over what are known as “zones urbaines sensibles” (ZUS) or “sensitive urban zones’ in France.” The highlighted areas have, rather, been targeted for urban renewal projects because of high rates of crime, unemployment, and blight.

As the host of Le Petit Journal rolled the clip from Fox’s latest ridiculous interview, the audience groaned and laughed upon hearing that their country was like Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Our doubts about the truthfulness of the words of this specialist appeared when Barbie and Ken, the specialist on France, used” a debunked opinion poll that supposedly showed that 16 percent of French citizens support ISIS.

“The credibility of the Fox News clowns disappeared when they show a map of Paris with some ‘no-go zones’,” the host said as his audience mocked the top rated “news” station in the United States.

The host further shamed the rocket scientists at Fox by having a “man on the street” moment in  these supposed desolate Muslim-y nightmares.

Residents confirmed that they had not seen anyone wearing a Bin Laden t-shirt, and that the highlighted areas could not in any way be compared to Iraq or Afghanistan — in fact, many seemed confused by the very notion.

“Your question is stupid,” one woman said as she struggled to decide if the reporter was serious or not.

“Yes, it is,” the host remarked. “And our team took a huge risk.”

Watch the segment for yourself, below:

Featured image via LiveLeak