Watch QVC Hosts Have Fierce Debate Over Whether The Moon Is A Star Or A Planet (VIDEO)

Recently, if you happened to surf passed the QVC home shopping network, you may have been treated not to discount clothing lines or low, low prices for cookware, but instead two people, both seemingly average, adult humans, yelling at each other about whether the Moon is a “planet” or a “star.”

While showing off a series of floral patterned cardigans, QVC’s Shawn Killinger inexplicably tells her guest, fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, that one of his products looks like “what the Earth looks like when you’re a bazillion miles away from the planet Moon.”

At first you may charitably assume that Killinger simply misspoke, but rather than correct herself, she digs deeper by asking Mizrahi “Isn’t the moon a star?”

Mizrahi disagrees. “No, the moon is a planet, darling.”

They start to squabble, before Killinger demands to know if the sun is a star. Mizrahi: “I don’t know what the sun is. We don’t know what the sun is.”

We do. The sun is a star.

At this point, with the camera still awkwardly focusing on a blouse that nobody is paying attention to, the set has devolved into Mizrahi, Killinger, and the combined efforts of the QVC staff scrambling to find out what the moon is.

After several minutes, someone off screen seems to get the right idea: The moon is neither a planet or a star, but in fact a natural satellite, or even more generally, a “moon.”

Look, we don’t ask that fashion designers and tv personalities know the ins and outs of cutting-edge astronomy, but every person should probably have a basic working knowledge of how the planets, moons, and stars relate and interact with one another. It’s 2015, is that too much to ask?

Feature image via screengrab