80 Percent Of Americans Want ‘Mandatory Labels On Food Containing DNA’

As Americans become more and more connected; as every bit of information is at our fingertips, Americans seem to be getting dumber and dumber.

A recent survey is adding fuel to that fire. In the survey, by Oklahoma State University’s Department of Agricultural Economics’ Food Demands Survey (FooDS), they found some interesting information, but perhaps the most interesting and frustrating is that more than 80 percent of Americans say they want labeling on food with DNA.

In the section on government policies, the survey asked the standard questions. 60 percent don’t want a tax on sugared sodas. 53 percent want the sale of marijuana legalized. 59 percent want to ban raw, unpasteurized milk. 86 percent want to know what country their meat comes from.

The majority of the country (63 percent) stands with Michelle Obama in limiting calories in school lunches. A whopping 84 percent want to see two servings of both fruits and vegetables in school lunches.

That’s when things get a little weird, though. The survey asked about labeling genetically modified foods (GMOs) and 82 percent said they support it. When they asked about DNA testing (DNA is the building block of every living organism. I’d only worry if food didn’t have DNA), 80 percent want that labeled too, although it’s unclear why that question was part of the survey.

It’s not surprising. Only 16 percent of respondents had read a book about food or agriculture in the past year. Okay, that does sound like a dry subject, but if you consider that diet books fall into that category, you’d think the number would be much higher.

Those who answered “Yes” were asked: “What is the title of the most recent book you read about food and agriculture?”

The vast majority of responses were of the form “I don’t remember” or “cannot recall”. Fast Food Nation, Food Inc., and Omnivore’s Dilemma were each mentioned about three times. The Farmer’s Almanac and Skinny Bitch were mentioned twice. One respondent mentioned the bible.

The Bible’s a food book. That sounds about right. Merika. After all, we’re the country that can’t name our Vice President, and absolutely can’t name the three branches of government.

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