Conservative Cowboy Wannabe Claims MLK For Tea Party, Says Liberals Keep Racism Alive (VIDEO)

In a stunning display of ignorance on Martin Luther King Day, a conservative huckster gave a speech to the South Carolina Tea Party blaming liberals for racism not being dead in America and co-opted MLK for the Tea Party.

William Finlay pretends to be a cowboy character dubbed “Wild Bill.” He’s a conservative who takes advantage of gullible right-wingers who willingly give him money to continue his shtick. Just as Larry the Cable Guy makes money by acting like a dumb-ass redneck, Finlay acts like a cowboy to promote his anti-liberal agenda.

Finlay’s speech, which can be read in it’s entirety below, accuses liberals of keeping racism alive and does so by abusing the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. He even goes so far as to claim MLK as a Tea Party hostage until liberals declare racism over in America. He also makes many other idiotic claims that we’ll examine shortly.

Here’s the transcript of the speech via Raw Story:

“How appropriate that we are here right at the Martin Luther King holiday. Martin Luther King had a dream, and it was a good one — a day when skin color wouldn’t matter anymore. A time when character would be more important than skin color. But when we look at what’s going on in America today, it’s pretty easy to see that Dr. King’s dream got hijacked. I believe racism in this country would’ve died out a long time ago, except that some people figured out that racism can be very profitable — both financially and politically.

And now, those who are most vocal about Martin Luther King being their hero seem to be the most race-driven people in America. The left have mastered the art of turning every issue into a skin-color issue, character be damned. Manufacturing racism for political purposes is a big business in the USA, and manufactured racism has been used to hurt the Tea Party from Day 1. There’s no doubt in my mind that if Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today the liberal left would spit in his face because he would be such a threat to their political agendas.

We are the people who practice Dr. King’s dream. It is the Tea Party where people are not judged by the color of their skin, and it’s Tea Party Americans who believe that character still counts. So today, I am officially announcing that the Tea Party is taking Martin Luther King away from the liberal left. And to you race-baiting promoters of division and hatred, you’re not getting him back until you renounce your shameful skin-color politics and start practicing the politics of character.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

In reality, the Tea Party was born out of racism in response to the election of the first African-American president. Since 2008, the Tea Party has demonstrated how racist it is time and time again. And it’s not like Tea Party racism hasn’t been well documented over the years. Like here, or here, and here. And that’s only three out of a multitude of examples. Clearly, the Tea Party isn’t the non-racist pillar of America Finlay claims it to be. It’s also hard to say that the Tea Party is “where people are not judged by the color of their skin” since it’s nearly impossible to find a black person among their ranks.

Furthermore, despite conservative declarations that racism is over in America, the racism that Finlay claims to be coming from liberals actually comes out of the mouths of conservatives, including himself.

Finlay is unsurprisingly a Cliven Bundy supporter. You know, the government-hating Nevada rancher who is also a racist. And just in case that’s not enough to prove how hypocritical Finlay is, here he is explaining how people of color should be ashamed of themselves for not having white skin like him in a video courtesy of Breitbart Unmasked.

Turns out Finlay thinks MLK should be ashamed of being black. So much for that whole effort to co-opt him for the “not racist” Tea Party.

Featured Image courtesy of Raw Story.