Dr. Ben Carson Celebrates MLK Day By Reminding Everyone President Obama Is ‘Half-White’ (VIDEO)

Famed neurosurgeon and potential GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson had an interesting way of celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy on the civil rights leader’s birthday and the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act. The Tea Party’s favorite Uncle Tom was invited onto C-Span to celebrate MLK Day and to talk about Dr. King’s legacy and the Civil Rights Movement, and boy did he celebrate.

Image Credit: C-Span screengrab via Raw Story

Image Credit: C-Span screengrab via Raw Story

During the Washington Journal program on which Carson was a guest, a caller phoned in to praise an appearance he had made on Fox News. The caller said:

“You embody what MLK wanted for the black community. If you run for president, I’ll spread the word for people to vote for you.”

Well, as a black American myself, I can only guess that this caller was either a) an Uncle Tom like Dr. Carson is himself, or b) a completely out-of-touch white person who sincerely believes that Dr. Ben Carson is in any way good for members of the black community at large.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Dr. Carson responded by saying not to worry about President Obama’s actions as the first black President hurting the chances of another one being elected, because Obama isn’t really black anyway. He said:

“People say there probably won’t be another black president in our lifetime because of all the things that have happened under the first one. But my answer to that is, isn’t he half white?”

Now, yes, President Obama is biracial. No one would ever deny the fact that the President’s mother was white. However, Dr. Carson is, once again, showing how out of touch he is with his own community here. Anyone who is African-American doesn’t have purely African genes, thanks to the ugly history of slavery. Slave masters raping female slaves and fathering biracial children with them were disturbingly common. Of course, these children were also slaves as well, and the slave masters never claimed them as their own. So, in other words, Dr. Carson, nearly every black person in America has a little white blood thanks to that history, most likely. So, that is the first point you’re missing here.

The second point is that good old “one drop rule.” One drop of black blood back in the days of slavery meant you were black, period. No questions asked. It didn’t matter how white you looked, you were still black if anyone found out that you had any black blood whatsoever. If they found even one black relative, by law you were black.

Well, Dr. Carson, the laws regarding such things may have changed, but much of the sentiment is the same. Barack Obama may have a white mother, but to look at him, you’d read him as black. He has walked through life as a black man, despite his white lineage, because that is how he has been regarded his entire life. That is true of any African-American person with close white relatives who happens to appear to be black on first glance. It’s just the way it is. So, your snide remarks about President Obama’s race really just show how clueless you are about that whole issue.

Perhaps, Dr. Carson, your fame and wealth have made you forget that you are still black in America. No matter how many racist, Fox News true-believing white asses you kiss, guess what? You’re still black. You’re nothing but a token and a tool for them to hold up so they can go, “See? This black man agrees with us. We’re not racist.”

Your entire outlook on race in America is disgraceful, and the fact that you chose Dr. King’s birthday to go on national television and spew this garbage is even more so. You really don’t get it, do you? When you look black, you’re black, no matter your heritage, and you are treated as such. In America, that means you face prejudice and bigotry at every turn, even here in 2015. Just because you happen to be a black man who “made it,” Dr. Carson, does not mean that racism is over, and it doesn’t mean that the President’s white heritage made it any easier for him to get to where he is. To suggest it is disgusting, and you dishonor Dr. King’s legacy with your ignorance. Please never open your mouth to speak about race in America again, especially not on this sacred holiday.

Watch the video of Carson’s asinine remarks below:


H/T: Raw Story