‘We Pay Our Taxes To That School, And I Don’t Want Muslims Here’: Texas Hate Rally

“We pay our taxes to that school, and I don’t want [Muslims] here,” chants Lavona Martindale as she rallied with others at a pro-Israel demonstration in Texas this week.

Texas Muslims had gathered at the Curtis Culwell Center from the Garland Independent School District, as many local religious and civic organizations often do.  The purpose? According to the event’s Facebook page, to combat Islamophobia and “stand against terrorism and hate together with the Prophet…”

The reaction of right-wing Texas was hyperbolic racism.

First, Garland Tea Party and other local right-wing groups began complaining to local news outlets.

Next, they had established a Facebook event to protest the conference. Laden with Islamophobic myths and violent rhetoric, the page’s followers debated whether or not they ought to bring guns, despite it being illegal under federal law to carry weapons on school grounds.  One Facebook user, Jonathan Peugh, stated his intention to bring a pig to the protest — believing the mere presence of pigs is somehow offensive to Muslims.

Before long, the Tea Party-affiliated nonprofit organization Voices Empower posted an article suggesting that a new Islamic educational complex is a smokescreen for plans to establish a “Muslim village” in Dallas. The article’s author, Debora Green, parroted the #FoxNewsFacts worthy claim that cities across Europe have so-called “no-go Muslim areas,” a claim which has been demonstrated as false time and again, and for which Fox News issued a rare apology.

On Saturday afternoon, the day of the event, protesters gathered outside waving American and Israeli flags and hurling abuse at attendees.

LA protester Ruben Israel told the Dallas-Fort Worth NBC affiliate that Muslims are “trying to promote that they are a bunch of peaceful people. I have issues with that.”

Fellow protester Greg McKinley, claimed the conference’s attendees are “a faction of people who want to destroy [the United States],”

There were ofcourse the obligatory placard claiming a secret Muslim agenda to establish “Sharia” — Islamic law — in Texas and the rest of the United States.

And if anyone was still in any doubt of the racist nature of the rally, one man brandished a poster reading:

“Go home and take Obama with you.”

A similar protest is scheduled to take place outside a Houston hotel holding a conference for local Islamic religious organizations on Sunday night.

This is nothing new for Texas with it’s underbelly of Christian Zionists which seem hell bent on out-Israeling the Israelis.

The state’s Republican Senator Ted Cruz is the leading light of the Christian Zionist community in Texas, with a long history of supporting Israel’s racist policies and ethnic cleansing.

Back in November, Cruz spoke at a Gala dinner hosted by the Zionist Organization of America, where he was introduced by the notoriously anti-Palestinian lawyer and Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz.

“The threats to Israel right now have never been greater, and now is a time when we do not need leaders who simply speak empty words of support for Israel,” Cruz told the audience in a warmly-received speech, as reported by The Dallas Morning News.

Cruz continued: “

We need leaders who will stand and act. Now, more than ever, is a time to strengthen the unshakable alliance and friendship America has with the nation of Israel.”

This at a time when Israel had just completed Operation Protective Edge which saw 2,104 Palestinians killed – more than 1,400 of whom were civilians.

Graphic from the UN OCHA Report 28/08/2014

Graphic from the UN OCHA Report 28/08/2014

Cruz and his fellow Texas leaders push for anti-Palestinian legislation in the Senate, while grass-roots organizations like the Garland Tea Party enforce Islamophobia at the neighborhood level.  All in all, the message to Texas Muslims is clear: you do not belong here.  This is exactly the kind of bigotry many families fled to the US to escape in the first place.

(Featured Image via Politico)