Paris Mayor Announces Plans To Sue Fox News For Its Disgusting Slander (VIDEO)

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic terrorist attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, Fox News took it upon itself to corner the market in baseless anti-Muslim fearmongering and moronic “hot takes.” The network’s biggest shows had wall-to-wall coverage of the attacks and Fox hosts and guests were quick to come up with reasons why terrorists struck Paris – everything from “not enough guns” to suggesting Paris has been invaded by radical Muslims and “tolerance” has prevented the French government from doing anything about it.

In America and abroad, people mocked Fox’s disgusting and irresponsible coverage, including a French TV show which actually tried to investigate the areas that were said by Fox to be “no-go” zones featuring Muslims wearing “Osama Bin Laden T-shirts.” They couldn’t find any, although they did find a bunch of really confused French people.

Sadly, there remains a huge segment of the American public that watches Fox News exclusively. For them, the ludicrous allegations made by the network were to be taken at face value without suspicion. Undoubtedly, there are a great deal of Fox News viewers who, even today, believe that France is under siege by Muslim immigrants who have imposed Sharia Law in parts of Paris.

Having watch Fox’s coverage, Paris’ mayor Anne Hidalgo has been dismayed by the lies being spread on Fox News. In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Hidalgo said that she is planning to sue the network in order to stop the falsehoods that they are knowingly allowing to hit the airwaves.

Hidalgo blasts the misinformation coming out about Paris, and calls on journalists to focus on the truth before putting things out there. At first, Hidalgo doesn’t say which network she is must upset by, so Amanpour asks her to clarify. “Can you clarify, which exact network you’re going to take to court and sue?” “Fox News, that’s the name,” Hidalgo answers firmly.

It’s hardly a surprise. Hidalgo has been public about her ire at Fox’s so-called journalism. Earlier in the day, she had mocked the “stigmatizing stupidity of Fox News” in a tweet about a meeting with New York Mayor Bill deBlasio (another person that surely has grounds to criticize Fox’s irresponsible reporting.)

Recently, the staff at Addicting Info as well as other places were shocked to find that Fox News had actually apologized for (some) of its lies regarding Europe’s Muslim population. It now becomes clear that they may be flying into damage control mode to avoid further lawsuits.

If Hidalgo does end up successfully suing Fox News, I think the rest of the world owes her and the citizens a major “Merci beaucoup,” especially if it means Fox will hesitate before the deciding to run the next blatantly false story as if it were true.

Feature image via screengrab