Michigan Man Beats Girlfriend With 2-Week-Old Puppy Until It Dies (VIDEO)

A Kalamazoo, Mich. man was sentenced Tuesday for sending his girlfriend to the hospital, but how he did it is just downright bizarre.

If you can believe it, 51-year-old Timothy Tucker punched his girlfriend in the face last November, then proceeded to beat her with the couple’s two-week-old puppy until it defecated on her, and died.

Kalamazoo County Assistant Prosecutor Mike Reisterer stated Tuesday as Tucker stood before the circuit court for the assault:

“I’ve been doing this… for 25 years. This is one of the few cases that turns my stomach. To take a two-week old puppy and bludgeon his significant other to the point that she required hospitalization and the puppy is dead… is incomprehensible.”


According to court documents, Tucker punched his girlfriend so hard last November that she was left with a “severely swollen eye.” He then proceeded to beat her with the puppy until the puppy died. Afterward, court documents also state, fecal matter from the puppy was found on the woman.

Testifying in court, Tuesday, Tucker’s ex-girlfriend stated his actions “put me in a real dark place.” She said she was not able to see for many weeks after the assault, due to her injuries, and had been suffering from depression, as well.

“I was hurt, scared in my own house, being attacked in my own house. I’m still scared and I shouldn’t have to feel like that from someone I cared about, someone I loved.”

The woman continued:

“He’s going to find the wrong broken person and either they’re going to kill him or he’s going to kill them.”

And last November’s disturbing assault isn’t Tucker’s first rodeo, either. It turns out – surprise, surprise – he has quite a lengthy criminal record. In December, he added to that by pleading to one count of third-offense domestic violence as a second-time habitual offender. Charming guy, isn’t he?

Part of Tucker’s plea agreement over the assault was dismissed – a single count of killing/torturing animals – allowing Tucker to avoid conviction as a fourth-time habitual offender.

A Cobbs agreement was sought and granted Tucker by the court, which stipulated no prison time, as well as entry into the Swift and Sure Sanctions Program. Cobbs pleas permit defendants to enter guilty pleas that are able to be withdrawn down the line if a judge’s sentence oversteps the terms offered by the judge before the defendant enters his or her plea. According to courts.mi.gov:

“The swift and sure sanctions probation program (SSSPP) is an intensive probation supervision program that targets high-risk felony offenders with a history of probation violations or failures… SSSPP is modeled on Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) program, which studies have shown to be very successful in improving the rate of successful completion of probation among high-risk probationers.”

Reisterer, of course, argued Tuesday that Tucker, in fact, deserved prison time, but shockingly to no avail. Everyone’s heard stories in this modern prison-industrial complex we call the United States of people landing in prison for the most minor, trivial things. Even debtor’s prison seems to be making a comeback, yet a guy like Tucker, with third-offense domestic violence convictions from 2005, fleeing from police in 2006, and check counterfeiting in 2008, in addition to his current charges, gets to remain free from prison?

And that’s not all Tucker’s done. Nope. Again, this isn’t Tucker’s first rodeo by a long shot. He’s hogtied plenty a calf in his day.

Circuit Judge Alexander C. Lipsey also noted for the court’s record Tuesday that Tucker has been previously convicted of second-offense domestic violence in three separate years – 1999, 2001, and 2013. He was also convicted of illegal entry and malicious destruction of property back in 2010. Tucker’s history is chocked full of criminal charges and convictions, but he can punch his girlfriend and beat her so bad with a puppy that dies in the process that the woman ends up in the hospital – with that rap sheet – and stay out of prison?

Clearly the justice system is broken in both directions. Not only does it incarcerate an incredible amount of people who don’t belong in prison, it also fails to incarcerate a number of people who clearly do.

Judge Lipsey, however, stuck to the Cobbs agreement and only sentenced Tucker to six months in the county jail, crediting him the 68 days he’s already served. Tucker also received four years of probation with that entry into the Swift and Sure Sanctions Program. Additionally, Tucker was ordered to pay state fees, as well as restitution.

Lipsey did add one contingency to the sentencing, though. Should Tucker not successfully complete the Swift and Sure program, he could (only could) face actual prison time.

Gosh, what’s a guy have to do to get into prison, anymore? Sell marijuana?

The Honorable Lipsey stated:

“The court looked fairly extensively at the history in this particular matter and it does appear the defendant has potential anger issues. There is a point at which the system can help but help is the operative word. The initiative has to come from the defendant, he has to be able to figure out if he’s willing to accept help and act on it.”

Tucker remained mostly silent in court, Tuesday, however, speaking up only to state that he wanted his property back from the woman, and that he desired to give her back her own property, as well. You know, typical break-up stuff. He gets his clothes back, she keeps the pets and silverware, and they split the record collection.

Tucker’s attorney, Robert Champion, fought all through court to have Tucker sentenced to time already served and an order into the Swift and Sure Program, and from the looks of it, that’s pretty much what Lipsey did, only Tucker got a few extra months in the county lock-up, as well. Not too bad for a guy with his criminal history. With a bit of good behavior, Tucker could be out in time to celebrate a late Valentine’s Day with some lucky girl.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t take her to a pet store.


H/T: mlive.com | Featured image: via Flickr