Cop Supporters Caught On Camera Repeatedly Threatening, Bullying And Physically Assaulting Protesters (VIDEO)

Uniformed police officers and the Chief of Police thanked ‘pro-cop’ supporters after several of them harassed, bullied and assaulted peaceful anti-police state protesters. The disgusting display was caught on camera during a pro-police rally in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A video, uploaded to youtube  on January 18, exposes supporters of the police state for what they are: out of control bullies who use physical force and intimidation to violate the rights of citizens, rather than protecting and defending them.

About 20 counter-protesters exercised their right to peacefully demonstrate during the recent pro-police rally. Two of the counter protesters, one dressed as Adolph Hitler and the other as a Nazi officer, used satire to highlight the mentality of the ‘pro-cop’ supporters. The counter-demonstration obviously struck a nerve with the pro-police bullies, who went out of their way to prove that everything the counter-protesters suggested about them is absolutely true.

The video shows police supporters threatening, pushing and attempting to physically intimidate anyone who is willing to stand up to or speak out against the police state. Because the demonstrators are wrong to characterize them as bullies, Nazis or out of control pigs who think they have the right to push everyone else around?

Definitely not, as the video clearly shows.

Among those who showed up to support the police state were the mayor, city council members and the police chief. Featured speakers included former police officer Stewart Ferrin. Ferrin was placed on extended leave from the Scottsdale police force after he profiled a black, female University professor, arresting her for ‘jay-walking.’ He’s angry because he doesn’t believe he should be held accountable for his own actions. He’s a cop dammit. In his own demented mind that means he has a license to do whatever he wants to whoever he wants.

According to Dennis Gilman, who posted the video on youtube, officer James Peters, who shot and killed an unarmed grandfather as he held his infant grandchild in his arms, was also among the speakers. Peters has shot seven other citizens, killing six and seriously wounding another. The city paid more than four million dollars to settle a suit filed by the family of John Loxas. After shooting Loxas in the head as he stood on his own porch, holding his seven-month old grandson in his arms, Peters quietly retired from the force. The fact that he is out in the community demanding unquestioning loyalty and blind support of officers just like himself, shows that he feels no remorse for those he has murdered.

These disgraced officers, with a crowd of about 60 of their white supporters, took to the streets to demand ‘support’ from the public that they routinely assault, harass, bully and even kill.

The days of blind support for criminal cops are over, as are the days when citizens can be bullied and threatened into silence. The cameras are rolling, and because of that the public is getting a much better view of what the police and their defenders are really about.

 * Featured image credit, video screen capture Dennis Gilman via youtube