White Teen Who Hit A Woman With Her Car And Assaulted A Police Officer Will Get A Clean Record Instead Of Jail

A white teen who committed three hit-and-runs, several traffic violations, and assaulted a police officer not only received special treatment from the cops, she is now receiving special treatment from the prosecuting attorney who is supposed to make people pay the consequences for their crimes.

In September, 19-year-old Sarah Culhane became infamous as a BMW-driving white girl who didn’t get shot, tased, or beaten by police officers after she committed a string of serious crimes that left a woman and a police officer injured. The incident, which occurred in Pennsylvania, stood in stark contrast to the way police treated African-Americans like Michael Brown and Eric Garner, both of whom police killed.

As I wrote about this story almost five months ago, I predicted that Culhane could very well be let off the hook because of her skin color. Well, guess what just happened?

Culhane not only will escape jail time, she could see her record wiped clean.

The prosecuting attorney has already dropped many of the charges. In fact, she now only faces one charge of a crime resulting in personal injury. And because she is being entered into a first-time offender program, she could end up having a clean record again, as if she never committed any crimes at all. In short, Culhane basically gets to walk away with a slap on the wrist and won’t have to worry about her criminal past following her around for the rest of her life.

I’m sure Michael Brown and Eric Garner would have liked the same chance, but they were killed on the spot by police instead. And the prosecutors who were supposed to give them justice didn’t even try to do their jobs, fighting on behalf of their killers rather than for the victims like they are supposed to do.

Once again, this demonstrates how unfair the system is to African-Americans. Clearly, having white skin is a get out of jail free card and basically guarantees that police and prosecutors will treat you with kid gloves. Just ask Sarah Culhane.

Featured Image courtesy of Raw Story