These Men Freak Out When They Discover The Women They Are Harassing Are Their Moms In Disguise (VIDEO)

Street harassment is something that happens to women all over the globe. It may begin to occur a lot less in Lima, Peru after an extremely creative Public Service Announcement, which was sponsored by Everlast aired. The video shows what happens when men harass an attractive woman in the street, only to soon find out that the woman is in fact their own mother in disguise. The results are nothing short of hilarious. The video is called Harassing Your Mother.

The host of the video starts out by saying:

“7 out of 10 women are sexually harassed on the streets of Lima, Peru. Men who do it think it is a minor offense. Let’s show them that they are wrong.”

They find “repeating offenders” who harass women on the streets, then proceed to get in contact with their mothers. The moms then get a makeover that makes then look fabulous and not immediately recognizable.

The first man in the video calls out to a woman that he does not know is actually his mother saying (at least according to the translation):

“Tasty panties!”

The mother then turns around and walks up to her son. The realization that he just catcalled his own mother dawns on him as he says, “Mama?”

She then wails on him. She says:

“What’s the matter with you Renzo? What they told me about you is true.”

The man then tries to desperately rationalize the awful thing he did to his mother telling her that it is, “just a game.”

They repeat the prank again one more time in the video, just to cement the idea they are trying to put out. Remember, the next woman you decide to harass on the street may turn out to be your mother, so maybe try not to do it. Okay? The video is staged but that does not take away from the message it offers.

You can watch the video in full, below.


Featured Image Credit: Screenshot via YouTube