Greek Election Results Show Leftist Takeover (VIDEO)

In 2001, a coalition of left-wing parties in Greece began to form. By 2004, this force had a name, the Coalition of the Radical Left, or Syriza. It then merged into a single party by 2012, and now this upstart collection of long-ignored left-wing politics has managed to take control over the Hellenic Parliament in Greece for the 2015 elections. When the results came in, the explosion of energy within Syriza caused emotional celebration:

Syriza came in on their 40-point platform which calls for reinvestment, and domestic growth. They have not taken enough seats to easily elect the next president of the Republic, either as a sole party or in a coalition with a smaller party such as the Communist Party of Greece or the Democratic Left Party. This could be the foreshadow of a wave across Europe, if the Greek left-wing revolt proves successful. Some have tried to push an alliance between Syriza and the right-wing Independent Greeks, but the overtures have been solidly focused between the new majority party and the Communist Party.

The concern now, according to the left-wing think tank Demos, is for a backsliding of democracy in Greece, or worse, a repeat of the 1967 Coup d’etat, where right-wing fanatics overthrew the government in order to halt democracy in the nation. Already the CIA has warned of the potential of a coup, and with the history of them being against any populist, democratic wave, the worries will be there. In the wake of this rejection of capitalist oligarchy, the topic of Greece will likely appear at the Koch Brothers ‘seminar’ being held in Palm Springs, California right now.

One note of concern raised in the elections is the increased presence of the Golden Dawn, a fascist party with ties to criminal enterprise. Initial reports now have them as the third largest party in the upcoming parliament. The concern now is for the party to carry through its plans to storm Parliament with tanks and overthrow the elected government by force.

Syriza is in position now to show if their anti-austerity measures will work. Now all eyes are on the European Union itself. How will the Eurozone react to this is anyones guess. Whatever happens from now on, the Greek people have spoken.