‘Responsible’ Gun Owner Shoots At Teens Because They Were Armed With ‘Dangerous’ Snowballs (VIDEO)

A Pennsylvania gun owner has been arrested for literally bringing a gun to a snowball fight.

As snow blanketed the town of York on Saturday, teens naturally took the opportunity to hurl snowballs at each other, and inanimate objects, like cars, including a vehicle owned by 22-year-old Jerquan Dickson.

Of course, Dickson didn’t appreciate the teens throwing snowballs at his car. After the teens fled, Dickson decided the snowballs were such a dangerous weapon that he pursued them, pulled out his 9mm Smith and Wesson, and proceeded to fire bullets at them.

A witness saw Dickson run out of an alley and drive off in a maroon sedan. Police apprehended the idiot a few hours later. Dickson claims he followed the snowball-throwing teens and then fired his gun into the air and into the snow on the ground. But as it turns out, snow and air weren’t the only victims of Dickson’s trigger-happy tirade. Because he was apparently too ignorant to understand that bullets are far more dangerous than snowballs, a 15-year-old boy ended up in the hospital with several gunshot wounds that are thankfully non-life threatening.

Here’s the video via WPMT:

This is yet another case of a “responsible” gun owner demonstrating once again why guns everywhere is a terrible idea. While the NRA continues to advocate for putting a gun into the hands of every man, woman, and child in America, such an effort only increases the likelihood of guns being used in situations like this one.

These teens were just throwing snowballs. And now, even that fun childhood activity is becoming more dangerous to participate in because there are clearly some gun owners out there who believe snowballs are a dangerous weapon that only guns can counter. You know, because the only thing that stops innocent teens with snowballs is a good guy with a gun. Just ask the NRA.


Featured Image courtesy of Huffington Post.