Right Wing Fabricates Story Claiming Sgt. Bergdhal Being Charged With Desertion

On Monday, The O’Reilly Factor put on retired Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer who claimed that he had inside knowledge which told him that the former Prisoner of War had been charged, with his lawyer already having been served with the paperwork, for desertion in the events which led up to his capture by the Taliban on June 30th, 2009. This of course spread like wildfire across the right-wing media landscape.

Problem is, it’s not true.

This morning, Forces Command spokesperson Paul Boyce stated that the entire claim was false. No papers had been sent, no charges filed, none of it was true, and that the Fox News broadcast “seems to be speculative in nature.” In short, Fox News lied, once again.

Instead, the military is calling the case still under investigation, with no timetable for a resolution to be filed. As it is an active investigation, no further comments are forthcoming, which means that Fox News created a false narrative to push, and ran with it, once again.

The right wing obsession with Bergdhal began as a way to attack the president, for leaving him a POW. But once his freedom was secured, they began to attack him directly, again, as a way to attack the president. The complete disregard for logic in this case is disturbing, but even more so is that the right-wing seems so eager for a narrative that they just can’t help but jump on it. As such, they ran with a fake story, and they, along with other outlets who followed their lead, now are sitting there with egg on their faces.

The final chapter in the Sergeant Bergdhal story has yet to be written. Even after he leaves the military, we do not know what the future will hold for him. But what we do know at this time is that he is not being charged, yet, with desertion. The military may still yet charge him, the investigation is not yet finished, but for now, he can continue in his duty working at Fort Sam Houston in Texas.