Texas Bill Allows Teachers To Shoot And Kill Students To Protect School Property

This is still only a bill, but the way Texas is going these days, look for the state to legalize the murder of school children, as long as children are scribbling their names into their desks, or something like that.

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The Teacher’s Protection Act by Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Van, would allow educators to use force or deadly force if they feel they need to protect themselves against a student or anyone else on school grounds. It also allows teachers to use deadly force to protect school property and to avoid prosecution “for injury or death that results from the educator’s use of deadly force.”

Source: Houston Chronicle (emphasis added)

The American Psychological Association calls violence against teachers “a silent national crisis.” They also recommend several ways of dealing with violence in the classroom and none of their methods includes shooting children.

More importantly, perhaps, is that no one recommends that children who steal chalk or even computers be killed, but since some in this country seem to be angling toward legalizing murder, as long as it’s the right murderer and the right gun, who cares?

Well, everyone should care. Unfortunately, school punishments are not doled out equally. Minority kids are far more likely to be suspended or expelled from school; it’s not a huge leap to imagine that they’d be more likely to be killed under this potential law.

Currently,¬†teachers in Texas are immune from prosecution if they use “force, but not deadly force” against students. This bill would allow teachers to go one giant step further.

Guns seem to be a passion of Flynn’s. In 2013, he introduced a bill, which is now law, that eased the licensing restrictions by cutting the number of classroom hours for a concealed carry license by more than half. He also introduced a bill that passed that lowered the requirements for renewal of the concealed carry license.

Earlier in the week, members of the Senate and Legislature introduced legislation legalizing guns on college campuses in Texas.