Bill Maher Calls Bullsh!t on GOP’s New Found Love For The Middle Class (VIDEO)

On Friday night’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher tackled yet another case of Republican hypocrisy. During ’New Rules’ Maher called out Republicans for their bullsh*t rhetoric suggesting they’re champions of the middle class.

Noting that both Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are now embracing the phrase “middle-class economics,” Maher quipped,

“It’s the new bullsh*t, and it’s what’s for dinner.”

It’s not just Jeb and Mitt chumming up with the middle class, but Sarah Palin has jumped on board the hypocrisy-wagon as well. Maher showed a clip of Palin’s performance at Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit last weekend. The chillbilly from Alaska was in rare form, furiously forming sentences that held no meaning. Was she speaking in tongues? Maher said of her speech,

“This raises a troubling question, if Sarah Palin suffers a stroke, how will we know?”

With Palin disposed of, Maher moved on to his next target, George’s brother Jeb. Maher pointed to a recent comment made by Jeb about income inequality,

“… While the last eight years have been pretty good ones for the top earners, they’ve been a lost decade for the rest of America.” – Jeb Bush

Maher then quoted a recent statement from Mr. 47%, Mitt Romney, the man with “four mansions and a car elevator.” It appears Mittens is concerned and suddenly developed a case of the sadz for the middle class as well,

“… Under President Obama the rich have gotten richer (and) income inequality has gotten worse.” – Mitt Romney

Maher followed their ridiculously hypocritical statements with some sarcasm,

“Yeah, those damn Democrats, always fighting the Republican party’s efforts to stick up for the little guy. Wow, there is no shame in the Republican game,” said Maher.

Republicans, Maher continued, used to refer to the gap between rich and poor as “the new normal.” Now, Maher says,

“The Republicans are pretending to care while they go back to servicing eight rich d*ck heads who own coal mines…”

Watch Friday night’s New Rules segment to catch all of Maher’s observations of recent Republican bullsh*t on income inequality,