Armed Gun Nuts Wearing Santa Hats Roam The Streets, Then Complain When People Call Police (VIDEO)

Open Carry Texas gun nuts are raising a stink about concerned citizens calling the police on their weekend warriors. They just don’t get why the sight of heavily armed men bedecked with automatic weapons and Santa hats might upset people.

Opposing Views reports Open Carry Texas posted a video on YouTube last week. The footage shows a handful of open carriers “patrolling” a street in Houston, Texas on Dec. 20, 2014, with audio from the various 911 calls people made as they walked by. Apparently, Texas is one of those states that releases 911 calls on request. The video goes on to show the open carry group getting stopped and questioned by Houston police.

Sheesh, what ever happened to those nice, wholesome Christmas carollers? They probably stayed in that weekend because they felt too afraid to come out.

To make matters worse, as Anomaly 100 points out on Freakout Nation, the folks from Open Carry Texas revealed the names and phone numbers of the 911 callers in their video. Why would they do something so uncivil and downright threatening? Because surely these women — and they are all women — can’t possibly be concerned neighbors. Instead, they’re the evil, liberal, anti-gun minions of Shannon Watts and her group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Naturally, to them, when anyone – especially a female, because females are bad — calls the police, that woman must be a member of Moms Demand Action. Because I write about these dorks, they think I’m one, too. Ha ha on them! I’m totally not a member, but I might consider joining if they keep harassing women.

Here’s the YouTube video from Open Carry Texas, titled “911 Callers on Bay Area Blvd. and Reseda in Houston TX Dec 20th walk.”

Oh, and that high-pitched whine you hear isn’t a bullet whizzing over your head, it’s the sound of open carry gun nuts protesting the way we gun-hating liberals keep persecuting them.

On Jan. 29, Open Carry Texas posted their video on Facebook and angrily accused the “#GunControlJihadists” of calling the police to just to harass them. Like so many right-wing groups, the folks at Open Carry Texas claim they’re “law abiding citizens” whose “rights” to scare the crap out of people are being trampled by gun safety advocates. “This isn’t out of fear,” they screech, “it is out of spite.”

This is the reality we face in Texas. The ‪#‎guncontroljihadists‬ have sent the marching orders out to its followers to call the police when they see law abiding citizens exercising their rights. This isn't out of fear, it is out of spite. Scared people don't keep driving past peacefully armed people to get a closer look. Notice, no one here exhibits fear in their calls. Finally, it should concern all Texans that 911 operators are asking untrained callers to describe the mental capacity of folks they see walking down the road without any interaction. Is this an effort at SWATTING law abiding gun owners based on the uneducated opinions of passers-by?

Open Carry posts the video on Facebook with the above commentary.

That’s right. Open Carry Texas thinks they’re getting trolled because the 911 callers don’t sound scared enough. To which a commenter quite sensibly replied that open carrying does not “put anyone’s  minds at ease,” even if they do have the right to do it.

You're not putting anyone's mind at ease by marching a group of open-carry rifles regardless of the Second Amendment. Having a big gun is fun, but like having a big dick nobody wants to see you waving it around in public. Leave your semi-auto pride peckers at home, grab your modest handguns and put them in a holster instead.

When open carry supporters talk about “gun control jihadists,” that’s generally code for Watts and Moms Demand Gun Sense. Watts launched the group in response to the 2012 massacre in Newtown, CT with support from Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. The feud began in Feb. 2014, when Watts called out open carry activist Kathleen Perkins for posting the disturbing photo below on Come and Take It Texas’ Facebook page (the photo has since been removed). A pro-gun wag then tweeted the photo as “One of the safest places to buy Girl Scout cookies.”

Ft. Worth TX girl scout cookie booth at a pro-gun CATI event, and troop posing with gun-toting activists.

Girl Scout cookie booth photo by pro-gun activist Kathy Perkins via the Come and Take It Texas facebook page.

Featured photo: Video screen grab/Open Carry Texas via YouTube.