Bigoted Texans Attack Imam For Praying At A Rodeo: ‘You Have No Place In This Country’

Once again, the loving Christians of right wing America show just little love and tolerance they have in their hearts, no matter how their Jesus says they should be acting. An Imam offered up a friendly gesture by giving an Islamic prayer at last week’s edition of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (FWSSR). He has canceled the next event due to horrific Islamophobia from spectators discussing the event on Facebook.

Image Credit: Facebook photo via Raw Story

Image Credit: Facebook photo via Raw Story

Moujahed Bakhach is a member of the Islamic Association of Tarrant County, and was just one of many local religious leaders to offer prayers at the rodeo event. He prayed for the safety of all spectators and participants in the event, including the animals. Harmless enough, right? Well, apparently not to the ignoramuses on the event’s Facebook page. A barrage of anti-Muslim hate complaints came after the Imam’s address. Here are just a few:

From Scott McCune:

“I can tell you this, my stance on allowing Islam into our world of rodeo would be different if Muslims and Islamists would have an extremely large movement or crusade against their religion’s radicals and STOP trying to force their laws in our country! Until then they are the enemy and should be treated as such.”

From Mike Wood:

“[I will] just will choose NOT to go somewhere that embraces a religion that wants me, my family and my people DEAD.”

Joe Leonard expressed that Muslims should not be allowed in America at all:

“Muslim/Islam has no place in this country let alone FWSSR. Not one Muslim has come out against the radical actions that is the Muslim belief. PERIOD. COWBOYS DONT [sic] WANT IT!”

Bakhach is the only one in this whole scenario that showed the true tolerance that Christians should be showing, by being the bigger person and cancelling his next rodeo prayer in order avoid more conflict and to avoid an uncomfortable situation for Brad Barnes, who organizes the rodeo event. The Imam says of the debacle:

“I felt he was in a spot, so I canceled for February 2nd. I love Fort Worth. It really hurt me to see this reaction.”

Mr. Bakhach, I can only hope you realize that it is the ignorance of right wing lunatics that is the problem here, not you or you attempt to reach out to a community you love. Keep trying, don’t bow to pressure, and, hopefully, one day, the people of Fort Worth realize what true tolerance is.

Shame on these bigots. And here, they claim to follow Jesus Christ, who is one of the most tolerant historical figures ever. Something tells me they are members of the wrong religion.


H/T: Raw Story