McCain Supports Palin Run For The Presidency: ‘[She] Still Has A Strong Base Of Support’ (VIDEO)

When he’s not busy calling anti-war peace activists “low-life scum,” ex-POW Sen. John McCain uses his time to stand by warmongers like Henry Kissinger and self-serving, gun-toting opportunists like former Gov. Sarah Palin.

McCain made clear on CNN Sunday that should the governor “with a servant’s heart” decide to formally run for the presidency in the 2016 election, that he would stand by her as she stood by him in his prior, failed bid for the office in 2008. McCain bolstered his support by stating Palin “still has a strong base of support.”

Shamefully, that’s true, but certainly not enough to win the office of President of the United States (thank God.)

Stating outright that his formal support would be behind South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, should he decide to run, McCain offered this:

“I think that she ought to do whatever she feels that she would like to do. And I’m very supportive of anything that she does.”

As most know, Palin’s teleprompter fiasco at GOP Rep. Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit has led the ex-governor-turned-reality-television-star into a heated ring of criticism and laughter, even by those in her own party.

McCain dubiously claims he has yet to see the infamous speech that Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” humorously compared to Matthew McConaughey’s fairly recent Lincoln commercial. But McCain rightfully dismissed Palin’s poor performance, stating:

“If she did not give a good speech, she’s not the first politician that didn’t give a good speech from time to time, including me.”

That’s true and fair enough, and certainly no reason that would be the entire downfall of her presidential aspirations. However, having an entire history of nutty, off the wall speeches that tend to leave audiences baffled and riddled with laugher, might. The public has come to distinguish a pattern when it comes to Palin’s speaking engagements, and it seems her performance at the Freedom Summit was one for the Palin history books.

McCain remains as unshaken about Palin’s capabilities as he is unwilling to retract his statement against Code Pink activists.

“I think they’re terrible people…”

As far as McCain is concerned, Palin will still likely play an essential role in the 2016 presidential election for the GOP. Sen. McCain also stated, by all means, he will “absolutely” bring in Palin to help him seek re-election in Arizona.

Birds of a feather, sure do flock together.

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