Video Shows Cop Draw His Gun On Youths During Snowball Fight (VIDEO)

A video has been posted online by Talk of the Sound that shows a police officer pull a gun out on several children who were involved in a snowball fight. The incident took place in New Rochelle, New York.

The video shows a NRPD officer pointing his gun at the youths saying:

“Don’t f##king move guys.”

The video then shows that a person is on the ground kneeling. The NRPD police officer then walks up to him (gun still drawn) and pats the person down. Then another young person is shown kneeling on the ground, with the cop patting him or her down as well.

The woman filming the incident says:

“This group of guys was having a snowball fight and now a cop has a gun on them.”

Talk of the Sound reports:

“Talk of the Sound has obtained copies of two video clips posted on social media that appear to show a New Rochelle Police office draw his firearm and aim to at a youth kneeling in the snow after police responded to calls of a disturbance which one witness described as a snow ball fight.

New Rochelle City officials did not respond immediately to a request for comment. Unofficially, two reliable sources are telling Talk of the Sound that police on the scene that day have said they were called to the scene based on a report of a person with a gun.”

The video does not show what events transpired before the cop drew his gun. From what is shown, it does not appear there is anyone acting violent (outside of a harmless snowball fight).

This just goes to show how necessary body cameras are in a post-Fergusson world. Of course, they are not a solution to the problem of police brutality or racial profiling, but when situations like this occur, they can offer a relatively unbiased view into what actually happens during a situation like this.

You can watch the video below, in full.

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Featured Image Credit: Video Screenshot via YouTube