Hey Anti-Vaxxers: The Leader Of The Free World Says ‘You Should Get Your Kids Vaccinated’ (VIDEO)

In an interview with Today, President Barack Obama issued a tyrannical decree or, as most would say, he offered a suggestion that parents should stop buying into the paranoia pushed by the anti-vaccination crowd and do right by their children. The President said, focusing on the recent measles outbreaks in California:

“Measles is preventable. I understand that there are families that in some cases are concerned about the effect of vaccinations. The science is, you know, pretty indisputable. We’ve looked at this again and again. There is every reason to get vaccinated, but there aren’t reasons to not.”

On Sunday, the Centers for Disease Control warned of a “large outbreak” of measles in the near future.

“We are very concerned by the growing number of people who are susceptible to measles, and the possibility that we could have a large outbreak in this country as a result,” CDC director Tom Frieden said on CBS’s Face the Nation.

“What we’ve seen is, as over the last few years, a small but growing number of people, have not been vaccinated. That number is building up among young adults in society, and that makes us vulnerable,” he said.

Frieden dismissed fears among parents who desperately cling to the belief that vaccines are dangerous, saying that while some children experience negative side effects the benefits outweigh any risks that exist.

“One in six kids could have a fever ten days after, but the vaccine is safe and effective. And for those parents that may think that measles is gone, it’s still here, and it can be quite serious,” he explained. On ABC’s “This Week,” the CDC director added:

“What you do for your own kids doesn’t just affect your family. It affects other families as well. The more kids who are not vaccinated, the more they’re at risk and the more they put their neighbors’ kids at risk as well.”

Already this year, about 100 measles cases have been reported in the state of California, 58 of which have been linked to the Disneyland outbreak in December of last year. The health department reports that many of those who contracted measles at Disneyland spread the virus to other states.

We don’t know what causes autism, but one thing we do know is that vaccines are not to blame. Much of the “data” from which anti-vaxxers draw stems from a study published in 1998 that claimed vaccines are linked to autism. The paper was later retracted, and its author was stripped of his medical license after an investigation determined his study had been an elaborate fraud.

“You should get your kids vaccinated. It’s good for them, but we should be able to get back to the point where measles effectively is not existing in this country,” the President said.

Watch the interview below:

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