ISIS Burns Man Alive Just Like White Racists Have Done To Black People Here In America

On Feb. 4, Fox posted a graphic, unedited video with ISIS burning a hostage alive, thereby whipping their fellow Americans into a frothing anti-Islam hysteria.

To protect their viewers from watching something so appalling, the folks at Fox helpfully titled their video with the following blaring headline: “WARNING, EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS burns hostage alive.”

Here’s a screen shot from the video. The actual video is too graphic to show here.

Jordanian pilot burned alive by ISIS.

Photo: Jordanian pilot burned alive by ISIS/Fox screen grab

The UK Guardian notes that Fox’s news organ of the right-wing propaganda machine was the only major media outlet to air the full video with ISIS burning the missing Jordanian pilot Muadh al-Kasasbeh to death.

Fox News has chosen to embed on its website the video of Islamic State [ISIS] burning a hostage to death, a move which makes them the only US media organisation to broadcast the video in full.

And this horrific news comes so soon after ISIS shoved a man off the top of a seven-story building and then — after the man survived his fall — had the waiting crowd below stone him to death. You see, Fox and the Republican Party they promote want us to think we Americans are better than that.

White Americans burned black people alive, not so long ago.

But how much better than ISIS are we, really? ChaunceyDeVega from Daily Kos points out that white American “Christians” proved every bit as cruel and ruthless as ISIS when it came to burning our black people alive in recent history. Sure, ISIS’s cruel and unusual punishments are barbaric. But who are we to talk?

However, we cannot overlook how the United States has conducted master classes in violence and barbarism both before, during, and since its founding [of our nation] …and yes, much of this violence was against people of color whose labor, lives, land, and freedom were stolen to create American empire.

In the historical movie “Selma,” we see American blacks — and the whites who stood with them — getting brutally beaten and murdered just for demanding their constitutional right to vote a scant 40 years ago. In modern times, we see vigilantes and cops routinely murder young black men just for jaywalking in hoodies and committing tobacco infractions.

In 1916 — less than 100 years ago in Waco, Texas– a black man named Jesse Washington was lynched and burned alive in a gruesome ritualistic murder by white racists. His crime? Local whites accused Washington of raping and murdering a white woman with no evidence or witnesses other than the “confession” he signed after a prolonged interrogation.

Lynching and burning of Jesse Washington.

Photo: Public Domain 1916, Lynching and burning of Jesse Washington, Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons.

Nor was this an isolated case According to History Matters , whites brutally lynched over 5,000 African-Americans between 1882 and 1964.

White American racists now settle for symbolic burnings and lynchings.

Nowadays, white Americans no longer engage in the barbaric burnings and lynchings of their grandfathers. In today’s age of metadata, symbolic burnings suffice. Think the photo below has been colorized? Think again. That Ku Klux Klan cross burning happened in 2005. Yes, you read that right: Just 10 years ago, in 2005.

KKK cross burning.

Photo: cc 2005 KKK Cross burning via Wikimedia Commons.

And there’s this supposedly “funny” photo of a child lighting President Barack Obama on fire that keeps making the rounds on the right-wing Interwebz.

Supposedly "funny" image with a burning Obama and white child setting him on fire.

Supposedly “funny” image with a burning Obama and white child dousing him in gasoline and etting him on fire. Yeah, real hilarious.


Oh, and this delightful and much-loved photo in which a ranting anti-Muslim pastor hangs Obama in effigy (but doesn’t set it on fire, as far as we know).

Photo of Obama effigy being lynched by right-wing, Koran-burning pastor via Care2.Com

Photo of Obama effigy being lynched by right-wing, Koran-burning pastor via Care2.Com.

Featured photo: Composite with (left) cc 2005 KKK Cross burning via Wikimedia Commons; (center) Jordanian pilot burned alive by ISIS/Fox screen grab; (right) Public Domain 1916, Lynching of Jesse Washington, Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons.