‘Christian’ Dad Shoots ‘Demon-Possessed’ Mentally-Ill Son In Chest: ‘He Better Call On The Lord’ (VIDEO)

A “responsible” gun owner in North Carolina says he was “forced” to shoot his mentally-ill son in the chest because the man was possessed by “demons.”

According to 78-year-old Ralph George Wilson his son, 52-year-old Ralph Gregory Wilson, was pouring lighter fluid on the could and threatening to set it on fire.

“I got a bipolar boy trying to set my house on fire last night, and he’s doing it again,” Wilson explained in the 911 call. “And he come at me, and I shot him.”

“I shot to warn him, but he come at me,” R. George told the 911 operator. The father explained that he was “not sure” what kind of weapon he used to shoot his son, but he was certain it was a handgun.

“It was either me or him, and I’m going to protect myself,” he told the operator. “I’m tired of it.” He said he “told him not to come near me again, or I’ll shoot him again.”

But the younger Wilson’s problem was not bipolar disorder, according to his father — it’s demons:

“He’s demon possessed… The demons are tormenting him. He tells me all the time they’re tormenting him. He’ll cry like a little baby.”

“When they attack him, he goes crazy,” R. George said.

The elder Wilson explained that his son had left the house after being shot, and that his wife had followed him outside.

“You shouldn’t have shot him in the chest,” said Mrs. Wilson as her son howled in pain in the background.

“I didn’t know I was shooting him in the chest,” Wilson said. “I tried to shoot him lower. I don’t know nothing about guns, but I have to protect myself.”

“Go tell him he better call on the Lord. Go tell him to pray,” Ralph George told his wife. “His soul’s going to be lost. You better tell him.”

A neighbor also called 911 after Ralph Gregory came to her home, bleeding, after his father shot him.

Watch a report on the shooting, below: