Former Mississippi Republican State Senator Switches To Democratic Party Because Of Obamacare (VIDEO)

Mississippi State Senator Tim Johnson has just jumped ship from the Republican Party. On top of that, he also announced in a press conference held last Wednesday that he will run for Lt. Governor of Mississippi in the next election. He cites failure to accept a five million dollars from the federal government as part of the Medicaid Expansion component of Obamacare as a major part of his reason for leaving the party.

Johnson said the following at the press conference:

“I am announcing today that I am, I am switching to the Mississippi Democratic Party. And I also want to announce that I am running to be the next Lieutenant Governor of the great state of Mississippi.

Why join the Democratic Party and run for Lieutenant Governor? I’ll tell you. We are all Mississippians first. Elected officials should be in the business of helping all Mississippians. Not picking out who to hurt.

In the current way of doing business in our State Capitol and especially in the State Senate, has hurt a lot of my fellow Mississippians. We watch these current leaders make excuses for underfunding our schools. We see them refuse to repair and maintain our crumbling roads and bridges. And we stood by while they ignored the twelve thousand dollars pay gap between working women and men. We have also witnessed shocking corruption on their watch.

But the failure of the Republican leadership in the Senate to help sick people was the final straw. My home town hospital in Kosciusko Mississippi was up here the other day asking for a five million dollar stopgap bond loan to try to stay open due to the drastic hit they are taking because of Republican leadership refusing to take and accept the return of federal tax dollars through Medicaid Expansion.

Instead of doing the right thing, the Republican leadership would rather see five million dollar tax burden on the backs of the eighteen thousand citizens of Attala County. That’s not right. That’s my hometown. And that’s my home county.

If Montfort Jones Hospital had been closed three weeks ago, we wouldn’t have had a place to take my mother when she suffered a stroke. Thank goodness they were still open when we rushed her there for help. Because all indicators are that they won’t be open much longer all because of Republican political grandstanding.”

The GOP at large should take heed of this announcement. The anti-woman, anti-poor, and complete disregard for fiscal responsibility stance of neo-conservatism is starting to sound rather ridiculous even to Republicans. To quote a verse from a Rage Against The Machine song, “hungry people don’t stay hungry for long.” Billionaires can buy all the advertising they want to support the new GOP but ultimately they cannot buy votes. The people are hungry and the Republican Party wants to cut food stamps.

You can watch video footage from the press conference below.


Featured Image Credit: Video Screenshot via YouTube