‘God Hates F*gs’: Lesbian Brutally Attacked, Choked With Dog Leash (VIDEO)

We’ve all heard the horrific stories of people being targeted for being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or otherwise queer. Some of us have even experienced it ourselves. When  you are LGBT in a homophobic society, you know that these things happen, and you can only hope that they never happen to you. Well, that fear was realized recently for a lesbian in Tacoma, Washington.

Image Credit: Screengrab from KIRO-TV via Raw Story

Image Credit: Screengrab from KIRO-TV via Raw Story

A woman, identified only as “Chris,” is said to have gone out shortly before 3:00 AM this past Sunday morning because one of her dogs had gotten out. As she chased after him, a man told her the dog had run down an alleyway. When she went down the alley, the man followed. That is when things turned ugly. The victim says of the incident:

“He ran up behind me and he said something like why don’t I sound like a boy, that I look like a boy. And that’s when it started.”

Chris says that the man then went on to use homophobic slurs:

“Are you a dyke? God hates fags.”

After that, according to reports made to the police, is when the actual attack started. Using a pocketknife, the attacker stabbed Chris in her breasts, jaw, forearm, and left thigh. After that, he stripped her and wrote “dyke” on her body.

Tacoma Police spokeswoman Loretta Cool says:

“The suspect then grabbed the dog leash she was carrying and placed it around her neck and dragged her across the ground.”

Chris told local station KIRO-TV that she believes her dog’s return saved her, as he started barking and scared the assailant away. She goes on to say:

“I remember getting really light-headed. It was choking me.”

Loretta Cool went on to say:

“She’s brutally attacked and I would say left for dead at that point. That’s kind of why it’s so important to catch this man. This could have been anyone walking down the street.”

Luckily, nearby neighbors heard Chris’s dog, Quinn, barking, and called 911 for help. She was treated at the hospital and released. Fortunately, she survived the physical attack, but the real challenge will be getting over the trauma of being attacked for who she is. Chris says of the aftermath:

“Some of the writing is still there… [I] can’t get it off. I haven’t felt safe in my own skin since. I don’t know that I ever will again.”

Hopefully, Chris, you can get some sort of therapy. It truly will go a long way towards feeling more safe, less isolated, and less vulnerable. As for your attacker — may he rot in his proverbial hell.

Watch a video report below, courtesy of KIRO-TV:

H/T: Raw Story