Alabama Redneck Hilariously Trolls Anti-Gay Bigots By Reporting On How Same-Sex Marriage Is Affecting His County (VIDEO)

An Alabama man delivered a “Redneck News” report from his own backyard on Monday in a hilarious video showing anti-gay bigots the results of legalized same-sex marriage in the state.

As same-sex couples lined up to receive marriage licenses and get married, Jeremy Todd Addaway grabbed his handheld video camera to do a live report on the effects same-sex marriage was having in his county.

“I read on the news today some information, that homosexuals will be getting married in Alabama today, so I wanted to give you a live report from Blount County,” Addaway said to kick off his investigation.

Addaway then set off to carefully examine his own property to find evidence that it had turned into a mosh pit of homosexuality and gay sex.

“This pile of brush is still here, and there are no homosexuals layin’ on top of it, doin’ homosexual things. None in the shed either, but we need to check into this further.

We’re back here by a pile of junk — and it’s still here — and there’s no homosexuals doin’ homosexual things here either, so it looks like we’re pretty safe here in Blount County, don’t think we’re gonna be subject to plagues of homosexuals fallin’ from the sky.”

In conclusion, Addaway declared that “Everything is pretty much still the same” in Blount County, Alabama, although he did note that he observed a pair of squirrels acting awfully suspicious.

Here’s the video Addaway posted on his Facebook page.

So far, Addaway’s video has been viewed over 350,000 times and has gained traction in the media as many probate judges across the state continue to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples on the orders of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who believes marriage equality is a threat to civilization. But as Addaway clearly discovered, everything is still the same and gay people are not falling out of the sky. They’re just getting married, and that doesn’t pose a threat to anyone.

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