Shocking Video Shows Cops Gunning Down Homeless Man With His Hands Up (VIDEO)

Video footage of police gunning down a 35-year-old homeless man on February 10, 2015 shows the man with his hands in the air, attempting to surrender, moments before police fired multiple shots, ending his life.

For the fourth time in six months, police in Pasco, Washington used lethal force against a citizen. The latest shooting victim, Antonio Zambrano-Montes leaves behind two teenage daughters, who say their father was suffering from depression after being separated from them for unknown reasons.

The video, credited to Dario Zuniga, was uploaded to youtube by ceeloc187 on Wednesday, February 11. It shows Zambrano-Montes toss a stone at police officers, then turn and begin to run away. A series of gun shots can be heard as the man tries to flee. Police then pursue him across the street in front of a crowd of witnesses, gunning him down on the sidewalk, even as he raises his arms above his head in an obvious attempt to surrender.

Several witnesses, including Zuniga, captured the shooting on video.

Warning, the video’s content is extremely disturbing.

Police Chief, Bob Metzger, said at a news conference on Wednesday:

“We always stand behind our officers unless they are proven (wrong).”

“We are at this point doing a thorough investigation. If the officers are wrong they will be dealt with accordingly. If they are not wrong, that will also come out.”

 The three officers involved in the shooting, Ryan Flanagan, Adam Wright and Adrian Alaniz, have been placed on administrative leave, pending an investigation.
Kathleen Taylor, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, called the shooting “disturbing.” She also said:

 “Fleeing from police and not following an officer’s command should not be sufficient for a person to get shot. Lethal force should be used only as an absolute last resort.”

Indeed, this shooting appears to be nothing but a revenge killing. It’s clear from the video that police were not in any way threatened by Zambrano-Montes when they shot him in cold blood, in front of dozens of witnesses, including small children.

According to the Chicago Tribune police killed Zambrano-Montes because he had:

 “thrown multiple rocks, hitting two officers, and had refused to put down other stones, authorities said Wednesday.”

That’s totally outrageous. Children throw stones, that’s not a life-threatening attack. If cops believed their lives were in danger, why pursue the man and gun him down after he raised his hands to surrender?

These cops were never in any danger. They were just pissed. Being a cop does not give you a license to kill a man for throwing a stone at you.

If someone threw a stone at you and ran away, you would certainly be charged with murder if you chased that person down and killed them in cold blood. These three cops must be held accountable in the exact same way that you or I would be. This is not justifiable homicide. This is murder.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture, Dario Zuniga, via ceeloc187 on youtube