This Is The New Face Of Fashion: Jamie Brewer Of American Horror Story To Model At NYFW (VIDEO)

Jamie Brewer might not be familiar to many of you unless you are an American Horror Story viewer. Brewer has been a semi-regular on the anthology series from the start, displaying amazing skill in portraying a range of characters. Now, she gets to play herself and destroy some stereotyping.

Designer Carrie Hammer doesn’t design her clothes for typical runway models. She proudly makes clothes for “Role Models not Runway Models,” specializing in professional and career clothing. Early this month, she unveiled her newest model for New York Fashion Week, Jamie Brewer. Jamie joins nearly two dozen other role models who will be on the runway, modeling Hammer’s designs on February 12th.

Because of a woman named Katie Driscoll, Carrie was persuaded to add Brewer to her compliment of models. Driscoll, the founder of Changing The Face Of Beauty, asked Hammer to hire a model who looked like her Down Syndrome daughter, Grace. When asked to recommend someone, Driscoll pegged Brewer as perfect.

Brewer was thrilled, telling Bustle:

“The letter [Driscoll wrote] touched Carrie really deeply, so she contacted Katie and told her she was looking for a model with Down Syndrome to walk in the spring line in New York in Fashion Week.”

She confesses that the heels are a bit much to handle, but she will no doubt deal with them as she has with everything else that comes her way. At a young age, she got involved in theater. At the age of 19 she was appointed to the State of Texas ARC Board, an organization that advocates for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She was also on the Executive Board for the State of Texas ARC and the Governmental Affairs Committee for the State of Texas, where she worked with state lawmakers. During all this, she also continued her stage work.

In 2011, Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, cast Jamie as Adelaide Langdon. In consequent seasons, she played other strong women, garnering a large following of fans. We look forward to seeing who she becomes next season.

Here is a short collage of Jamie as Adelaide. It’s somewhat prophetic that she will now get to show that she really is a pretty girl, no mask needed:

Of course, it’s hard to sell the fashion industry on hiring anyone but perfect, thin models. But, like it or not, that’s not what a typical woman looks like. It’s been very hard to convince the fashionistas of this fact, however. Maybe their fashion shows are nothing more than doll shows, as they certainly don’t seem to understand that most women can’t wear their designs. Carrie Hammer, on the other hand, gets it.

Knock ’em dead, Jamie!

H/T: Bustle  |Photo courtesy of Bustle