Fox Station ‘Accidentally’ Depicts President Obama As Sex Assault Suspect, No Correction Issued (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, a Fox “News” guest said that President Obama’s factual remarks about the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition at the National Prayer Breakfast were “frankly verbal rape.” But one local Fox affiliate took the “rape” allegations to a whole new extreme.

This week, Fox 5 San Diego experienced a rather unfortunate case of the Friday the 13ths. On its 10 o’clock newscast, the station mistakenly listed the President as the suspect in a sex assault at San Diego State University.

The actual suspect, Francisco Paiva Sousa, was arrested on December 8 and accused of oral copulation with force and false imprisonment with force. Ultimately, after Sousa posted $100,000 bail, the District Attorney’s office rejected the case on January 28.

Just four minutes into the Fox 5 broadcast, anchor Kathleen Bade explained:

The only suspect in a sex assault at SDSU will not be charged.

As she spoke those words, the President’s photo flashed on screen, accompanied by a caption that read, “NO CHARGES.”

Screencap via YouTube

Screencap via YouTube

Honestly, we can see how they might confuse the two. They look so similar:


A side-by-side comparison of President Obama and Francisco Paiva Sousa

“Yeah, there was an accident when they had an over-the-shoulder” display, Fox 5 assignment editor Wille told the Times of San Diego. “It wasn’t on purpose.”

When asked why the station did not acknowledge the error on-air, Willie explained that this is not policy when such a minor error as misidentifying a rape suspect occurs:

They really don’t do that when it’s a small thing like that.

In March, and Oklahoma Fox station “accidentally” cut 15 seconds from an episode of “Cosmos.” The cut effectively removed all mention of evolution from the show that week. Another Fox affiliate, Fox 40, “accidentally” explained in a caption that “Obama Bin Laden” is dead while announcing the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011:

Another local Fox station, this one in Washington D.C., simply proclaimed that the President was dead:


It seems that many local Fox affiliates encounter issues with “accidents” that would appeal to a rabid, right-wing base. Imagine that.

Watch this embarrassing and “unintentional” rape allegation, below: