Rand Paul Tries To Embarrass Hillary Clinton With Fake Pinterest Account, Embarrasses Self Instead

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spent Valentines Day not with his wife, but online trying to troll Hillary Clinton – the results are even more pathetic than that sounds.

Paul, or someone on his (quasi-official) campaign staff, set up a Hillary Clinton parody account on Pinterest that is meant to mock the Democratic presidential frontrunner in a series of childish images from “Clinton.”

On his Twitter account, Paul tweeted the link…

Then was so smug about it that he tweeted it a few more times…

Some of the “highlights” (as the conservative Washington Examiner calls them) include the openly sexist insinuation that what Hillary Clinton cares about in the White House is how the place is furnished. Paul includes a series of pictures imagining Clinton’s “White House remodel” that focuses on making the Oval Office more “chic.”


Of course there is also the obligatory focus on Benghazi – a scandal that Americans simply do not care about, but Paul and his fellow conservatives won’t let go despite getting zero traction. Paul creates several memes that are heavy on comparing Benghazi to Watergate but light on practically any substance.


Considering real people really died in the attack in Benghazi, this seems more than a little inappropriate.

The site, in general, struggles with a lack of substance. There is Bill Clinton bashing, a comparison to Brian Williams (timely!), and more memes utilizing many of the lackluster attacks conservatives have fired at Clinton in the past few months. None of it is very convincing, informative, or damaging to Clinton’s bid for the White House.

Paul seems supremely satisfied with the trolling attempt though. It’s also depressing to realize that many of his followers seem to believe that this account really is from Hillary Clinton and is not a parody. Many responded to his tweets with variations on “I can’t believe how dumb Hillary is for making this.” The sad part? She didn’t, their conservative hero Rand Paul did.

It’s ironic that Paul has devoted so much of his pre-campaign campaign to creating memes, trolling competitors and taking cheap shots. After all, his supporters are the same that spend their days accusing Obama of disgracing the office of the presidency by going on comedy shows or talking to Buzzfeed. It’s not clear whether Lincoln would have gone on Between Two Ferns, but one thing seems likely: He wouldn’t have made anti-Hillary Clinton memes on Pinterest. It’s not just beneath the dignity of the office, it’s beneath the dignity of almost everybody who graduated from middle school.

Feature image via QPolitical