This Republican Actually Believes Planned Parenthood Is ‘Worse Than ISIS’

Sometimes you don’t know whether to laugh at the stupidity or cry, but in this case, it’s infuriating. Republican South Dakota State Representative Isaac Latterell wrote a post on his website titled “Planned Parenthood Worse than ISIS and Lying About It.” The title has since changed to “Planned Parenthood Beheading Children and Lying About It.” You know, because that’s so much better and tones down the rhetoric. 

His unbelievably false comparison stems from his skewed belief that abortion is murder and Planned Parenthood is “beheading unborn children.”

He makes, what he thinks, is a valid point by comparing Planned Parenthood abortions to the beheadings occurring in the Middle East at the hands of the militant extremist group ISIS. He evoked the writings of New York Times columnist David Brooks, who said:

“A beheading … is not just an injury or a crime. It is an indignity. A beheading is more like rape, castration or cannibalism. It is a defacement of something sacred that should be inviolable … We’re repulsed by a beheading because the body has a spiritual essence.”

“A beheading feels different because it reveals something about the minds of the killers. The journalist Lance Morrow once wrote that “evil is often happiest when it operates in the autonomy of the gratuitous.” By going beneath even the minimal standards of modern civilization, the militants in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria get to show contempt for us and our morality. They get to deny the slightest acknowledgment of our common humanity. They can take the bully’s maximum relish in their power over the weak and innocent.”

Latterell then pushes the comparison by saying:

“Planned Parenthood abortionists in Sioux Falls are similarly beheading unborn children during dismemberment abortions.  This method has been described by the Supreme Court in Gonzales v. Carhart as a procedure that is: “laden with the power to devalue human life,” and is as brutal, if not more so, than Intact Dilation and Extraction (D&X or partial birth) abortions.”

Most people are unaware that this is happening, because Planned Parenthood of Sioux Falls denies that they behead or otherwise dismember unborn children.”

Hey Latterell, you know why people are “unaware this is happening”?? Because it’s not.

There’s actually a bill written with language that says its purpose is to “prohibit the dismemberment or decapitation of certain living unborn children and to provide penalties therefore.”

This hyperbolic bill writing is apparently perfectly acceptable by the citizens of South Dakota.

According to Planned Parenthood spokesperson Jennifer Aulwes, who spoke to Talking Points Memo, they only perform first trimester abortions. The abortions Latterell is referring to occur after the first trimester and would have to be done by a doctor outside Planned Parenthood.

Latterell is quite literally lying and going after Planned Parenthood with an actual bill based off of false assumptions — which is what it is — assumptions.

He’s going after Planned Parenthood directly, and quite honestly, they should go after him for such atrocious language against them.

Latterell finished his website posting saying:

“No state, no religion, and no organization should ever be allowed to use this unspeakably horrifying method.  While we rightly take the speck out of our neighbor’s eye by holding ISIS accountable, let us be sure to take the plank out of our own eye by holding Planned Parenthood accountable.”

What. The. F–k?

Here’s a little tidbit of information for Mr. Latterell in regards to services provided by Planned Parenthood. Of their services only three percent is abortion related.

What they offer to the public at large, especially for those unable to afford quality care, is invaluable. By continually attacking Planned Parenthood, especially based on lies, you, Mr. Latterell are doing a disservice to your constituents. You seem to love to be inflamatory, and it worked, you’re in the national news, but you’re wrong, and should be held accountable for your lies. Comparing Planned Parenthood to ISIS? Really?! Shame on you.

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