‘Have You Touched Yourself?’ Catholic School Warns Elementary Students About Abortion, M*sturbation

Having so many problems itself, the Catholic Church sure does spend a lot of time moralizing and judging people. Well, this time, they may have gone too far. The Star of the Sea Catholic School in San Francisco is in deep doo-doo with parents after handing out pamphlets warning of the sins of masturbation and abortion to elementary school students prior to their daily confession.

Image Credit: Catholic School at mountpleasantgranary.net

Image Credit: Catholic School at mountpleasantgranary.net

The pamphlet was given to the children roughly two weeks ago. Called “The Examination of Conscience and Catholic Doctrine,” the document asked the children – and keep in mind, these kids would be between the ages of 5 and 11 – questions such as:

“Did I perform impure acts by myself (masturbation) or with another (adultery, fornication and sodomy)?,” “Did I practice artificial birth control or was I or my spouse prematurely sterilized (tubal ligation or vasectomy)?” and “Have I had or advised anyone to have an abortion?”

To say the least, these are not questions that anyone should be asking children this age. But, leave it to the child abusing religious cult that is the Catholic Church to allow one of its schools to traumatize these poor children in such a gross way. These poor kids probably don’t even know what this stuff means. Further, not all of the children at the school are Catholic, so this sort of moralizing should definitely be left up to parents.

This isn’t all that has this diocese in the headlines lately, either. Recently, one of Star of the Sea’s pastors, Father Joseph Illo, drew the ire because he showed himself to be a raging misogynist when he decided that girls were no longer allowed to perform altar duties. Of course, he had an excuse ready, courtesy of one of his partners in crime at the school, principal Terrence Hanley:

“His decision to no longer train girls to be altar servers is based on his hopes that by training boys only, he will instill in them a sincere interest in considering becoming priests. There is no intention of cutting the girls off from the Church. In fact, several of the girls are reading from the altar during weekday and Sunday Masses.”

Yeah, right. It’s misogyny at its most obvious. Although this should come as no surprise from an institution that is still, even in 2015, condemning the use of contraception, per the “sins” outlined in the aforementioned pamphlets.

Aside from these horrible pamphlets and the banning of girls from altar duties, the local Archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone, wants to include a morality contract for all employees of San Francisco’s Catholic Schools. Violations, such as helping someone get an abortion or endorsing other “sins,” would result in termination.

Hanley went on to say:

“Though this is not a decision I would make, I find no intent on Father Joseph’s part to hurt or exclude anyone. And no child should feel less welcome at Star of the Sea School because they are not Catholic.”

Well, Principal Hanley, exclusions are just what policies like this do. Beyond that, though, is the fact that considering that LOADS of child pornography was recently found right in the Vatican itself, the last thing you people need to be trying to do is tell other people how to be moral. You sure as hell don’t have any kind of handle on it. I surely hope that the parents in that school pull their children out en masse and the place shuts down from lack of funding. I doubt that will happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

H/T: Think Progress