GOP Idiot Wants To Outlaw Man-Animal Hybrids, But Leave The Natural Ones Alone (VIDEO)

Another day, another astonishingly stupid statement from a Republican. Georgia State Rep. Tom Kirby (R) thinks it would be a good idea to outlaw the crossing of human genetic material with that of animals in his state.

Rep. Tom Kirby - Screencapture via Raw Story

Rep. Tom Kirby – Screencapture via Raw Story

Kirby said to local news Channel 13 in Atlanta:

“Everybody always asks, ‘Is it even possible to mix non-human with human embryos?’ Yes it is.”

Well, I am certainly no scientist, but I would think that if people were experimenting with things like that, it would be for a very good reason, such as trying to cure horrible diseases, Rep. Kirby. I highly doubt the average citizen would be worried about doing such a thing just for kicks. But, then again, isn’t it a requirement to hate science of any kind to be a member of the GOP these days?

Rep. Kirby didn’t stop there, though. He pointed out that the Mayo Clinic had created glow in the dark kittens in order to do AIDS research, when they crossed the DNA of cats with that of jellyfish. He went on to say:

“Y’know the mermaids in the ocean, that’s been around for a long time. I don’t think we should create them. But if they exist, that’s fine.”

After opining on mermaids, Kirby moved on to centaurs:

“Y’know I really don’t like centaurs. They really have bad attitudes most of the time and we’ve got enough people with bad attitudes as it is.”

Rep. Kirby, how would you know that these centaurs that you seem to think exist have “bad attitudes?” Are you suggesting to us that you’ve actually met a centaur?

Despite his aversion to centaurs, Rep. Kirby seems to be at least a little bit okay with bird-men. He said of flying humans:

“I think man has been trying to fly forever, [and it would be fine] if it’s a natural genetic mutation.”

Of course, he is against creating bird-men in labs, though. And, of course, in all of this babble, this poor deluded man couldn’t leave werewolves out of the mix, saying, “(w)e don’t want to laboratorily [sic] create the werewolf.” He says we should leave the poor werewolves alone if we find them already in existence.

Okay, I think that’s enough. It’s pretty obvious that this man shouldn’t be in the statehouse; he should be in the nuthouse. Why he isn’t is beyond my comprehension. Get some help, Rep. Kirby. I promise you’ll feel better.

Watch these insane remarks below:


H/T: Raw Story