Duggar Daughter: Liberal Christians Are Going To Hell, Just Like Other Sinners

Jessa Seewald, one of the (numerous) kids of fundamentalist Christian reality TV stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, has been in the spotlight herself recently with her tirelessly documented wedding planning and day. Unfortunately, she doesn’t appear to be using her rising fame to spread a message of tolerance. In fact, just the opposite.

In a rambling post made to her Facebook page, Seewald says that she’s frustrated with the part of the Bible that tells Christians not to judge because it requires people to… well… not judge others.

“Whenever someone speaks out against something that God calls sin, ‘Don’t judge!’ can be heard coming from a thousand lips,” She writes. “People don’t like to have other people disapprove of the way they’re choosing to live their life.”

What she means is that it isn’t fair that she, and other conservative Christians, are being asked to tolerate people who don’t subscribe to their worldview. Liberalism and secular society are ruining everything and even Christians are allowing it simply because Jesus said so. Well, Jessa isn’t about to stand by and let it happen.

People are content to live on in lying, cursing, pride, anger, bitterness, disrespecting of parents, lust, pornography, fornication, adultery, and other sexual sins– and if anyone tries to confront them, their attitude and response is, “You live your life, I’ll live mine. Don’t you tell me what to do! Only God can judge me!”

They don’t even realize what they’re saying. God’s judgement isn’t something to be taken lightly! It should scare you! Man’s “judgement” is a 1000x lighter… usually just a voicing of disapproval. But when unbelieving, sinful men die and stand before God, He justly condemns them to hell.

The subtext throughout the post is homophobia, but more broadly, her anger can be generalized to all Christians who don’t follow her narrow view. To make her point, she’s careful to put quotation marks around the word “Christian” to denote when she finds the hypothetical examples she gives unworthy of the label.

At issue is the fact that Seewald’s conservative Christianity and the more modern, progressive variety practiced by millions of people interpret their respective faiths differently. The fundamental frustration for Seewald lies in the inherent subjectivity of religious belief. There is, of course, no one way to interpret the text of a religious document that is at times vague, byzantine, and even contradictory. As such, the way Christians have read and understood the Bible understandably changes as their society does. This presents a problem for a religious zealot like Seewald, because like zealots of every stripe, she wants her way to be the only way.

And like zealots often do, she uses the most powerful weapon she has in her arsenal in order to try to sway people: Threats of eternal hellfire.

Repent! Turn away from sin, and to Jesus Christ today! Be saved from the wrath to come.

The believing man has Christ’s perfect record put to their account.
God gives him a new heart and new desires.

If you find yourself a sinner in need of Jesus, then open your Bible today and begin to read the books of John and Romans. Let the Word of God root out the sins of your heart. Do not let up until you have found Salvation for your soul!

It’s an irony probably lost on Seewald herself that in a post that began with her instructing her followers to ignore the part of the Bible telling them not to judge others, concludes with a plea to follow the word of God or face the “wrath to come.” Then again, if you believe, as Seewald does, that you, and you alone, have insight into the right way to worship, I guess that means that you can be responsible for picking and choosing which parts are convenient for you. The rest of us, you consign to a miserable fate of eternal torture. Or as Seewald calls it: Justice.

H/T: Raw Story | Feature image via Jessa Seewald/Facebook