Dem Slams Climate Denying Colleague: You Can Believe Experts Or ‘Senator With Snowball’ (VIDEO)

Just after Republican Senator Jim Inhofe packed all his idiocy into a tiny snowball and (literally) threw it at his colleague on the Senate floor, Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse took the opportunity to brutally take down the stunt with a series of rhetorical questions that all center around the basic premise: “Who are you going to believe, people who know what they are talking about, or a politician with a snowball?”

After some formalities, Whitehouse couldn’t help but bring up Inhofe’s snowball sideshow by asking people (but especially Inhofe’s ilk) to visit the Earth Now app for mobile devices that uses climate data from NASA to show the most up-to-date information on the Earth’s temperature, climate, and weather patterns.

“And if you go to Earth Now it’s actually quite easy to load, and you can see how that polar vortex measurably brings the cold air down to New England where we are right now.

And this is produced by NASA. These are pretty serious people. So you can believe NASA and you can believe what their satellites measure on the planet, or you can believe the Senator With The Snowball.”

But that’s not all. To demonstrate that the existence of climate change is so incontrovertible as to be obvious to almost anyone, Whitehouse went on to use examples that ranged from the U.S. Navy to the Pope to show just how accepted the science is at this point. Pope Francis has acknowledged climate change and urged the nations of the world to address it, as has the military, as have major corporations, and of course, an overwhelming consensus of scientists.

Inhofe had claimed earlier that the “unseasonably” cold weather this February — as evidenced by the snowball — should call into question the existence of climate change and suggested that the “script has flipped” on the suggestion that 2014 was the hottest year on record. Both claims have no basis in reality.

It should come as no surprise to people who follow U.S. politics to see that Whitehouse didn’t hesitate to take Inhofe to task for his scientifically illiterate position on climate change. After all, Whitehouse has been calling out his colleagues for rampant denialism for years. In 2014, Whitehouse found himself again acting as the Senate’s voice of reason when Inhofe (yes, him again) went on a rant claiming Obama “colluded” with scientists and federal agencies to perpetuate the “climate change hoax.” Oozing with disbelief, Whitehouse told the senator that he found the idea that he would ignore the expert opinions of thousands of scientists in favor of a small contingent of cranks to be “extraordinary.”

At a time when politics is quickly spiraling into ever more meaningless publicity stunts in place of substantive debate, it’s refreshing to see a senator like Sheldon Whitehouse stand with reason and science. Far too often, the voices of experts are drowned out by the screeching cries of anti-science political hacks who care more about gaining political points and pleasing donors than acknowledging the existence of reality. Stunts like a snowball fight on the Senate floor may help score a few conservative votes, but at the price of the well-being of the nation. But now we know there is at least one senator willing to call it what it is: nonsense.

Watch Senator Inhofe’s snowball stunt below:

Featured images: via C-SPAN