SC College’s Response To Athletes Coming Out- Make It Against The Rules To Be Queer

Coming out is one of the hardest things any LGBTQ person will ever do. If you’ve ever done it, you know how hard it is to reveal that information. Well, South Carolina’s Erskine College is trying to make that process even harder. Since two volleyball players, Drew Davis and Juan Verona, came out as gay, the school has taken swift and immediate action to make sure that its LGBT population knows that they are not welcome to come out on that campus.

The school said that its official stance is that homosexuality is not “part of God’s intended design for humanity.” Further, the school issued an official “Statement on Human Sexuality,” which began:

“We believe the Bible teaches that all sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage is sinful and therefore ultimately destructive to the parties involved.”

Well, considering that same-sex marriage is now legal in South Carolina, that shouldn’t be a problem, should it? Oh, yeah. These yahoos don’t care what’s legal; they only care about what supports their bigoted views.

The statement got even worse from there as well:

Christ affirms that marital union is to be between a man and woman (Matt 19:4-6). The Bible teaches that monogamous marriage between a man and a woman is God’s intended design for humanity and that sexual intimacy has its proper place only within the context of marriage (1 Thes. 4:3-5, Col. 3:5-7). Sexual relations outside of marriage or between persons of the same sex are spoken of in scripture as sin and contrary to the will of the Creator (Rom. 1:26-27; 1 Cor. 6:9-10; 1 Tim. 1:9-11).

We believe the Bible teaches that all sexual activity outside the covenant of marriage is sinful and therefore ultimately destructive to the parties involved. As a Christian academic community, and in light of our institutional mission, members of the Erskine community are expected to follow the teachings of scripture concerning matters of human sexuality and institutional decisions will be made in light of this position.

So, in other words, they’re going to make it against the rules to be queer on campus, or, if you are and you’re already there, you better keep your head down and your mouth shut. The school plans to make this outrageous statement part of its official student and faculty manuals as well.

Juan Varona said of the school’s actions, speaking to Outsports:

“The release of this statement makes me disappointed because I have never received anything but kind treatment from everyone at this school, and my sexual orientation is no secret. So it took me by surprise.

(T)he school took several steps back instead of progressing towards a future where everyone can be treated as an equal” and that “it just made me sad and worried for other gay people who might be struggling with confidence to come out.”

The struggle of coming out is something one cannot understand without having to do it. Even after being out of the closet for two decades, I still struggle. If someone new I meet, or people in a new environment, don’t figure it out on their own, I have to make a split second decision about how to tell these new people I’m gay. There is always that moment of apprehension. It’s even worse for those who are struggling to come out for the first time.

What this college is doing is absolutely outrageous. Unfortunately, though, it is perfectly legal, considering that South Carolina has no non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people. Hopefully that changes, and, in the meantime, public pressure can make Erskine College put the brakes on this discriminatory policy.

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