Texas School Persecutes Female Assistant Principal Because Her IUD Caused Her To Bleed (VIDEO)

Another Texas school has joined the race to be the most outrageously ignorant education facility in the state after administrators placed a female assistant principal on leave because they don’t believe her IUD caused her to bleed during a training session, and it just gets more outrageous from there.

Kourtney Glaser has worked hard to become a respected assistant principal at Commanche Springs Elementary School. She’s also a wife and a new mother. That’s why she uses an IUD, a intrauterine birth control device that prevents pregnancy.

Unfortunately, Glaser experienced a medical emergency during a district training session when she began bleeding heavily after the IUD became lodged in her uterine wall. At the hospital, doctors removed the device and stopped the bleeding.

Glaser expected to return to work and her normal routine, but the district decided to put her on leave instead. Why? Because her bosses don’t believe her bleeding was caused by the IUD. They think her lady bleeding was caused by “severe anxiety,” accused her of being afraid of public speaking, and demanded she show them her private medical records despite the fact that she had already provided district officials the necessary documentation to back up her story.

But the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District refuses to believe that the IUD caused the medical emergency. You know, because Texas is full of morons who know nothing about female anatomy and are in denial that women actually use birth control.

Needless to say, Glaser is outraged about how her employer has treated her, and so are many parents in the community.

“I have some anxiety, yes; I get nervous, yes,” Glaser told WFAA. “But it isn’t impacting my job. I’ve led trainings for the district, I’ve led parent groups, spoken at PTA meetings.”

Here’s the video via WFAA:

In response to the district decision, a petition has been created demanding an investigation of Principal Katy Maurer and Daniel Gallagher, Director of Elementary Services, for the roles they played in this situation. According to the petition, Gallagher and Maurer allegedly placed Glaser on leave in revenge for questioning the way they have been treating parents, teachers, and running the school. The petition states that Gallagher personally went through the trash in the women’s restroom to find “evidence” that Glaser was bleeding. The pair also apparently want Glaser to undergo examinations from a gynecologist and a psychotherapist to determine her ability to do her job, which sounds very much like persecution.

This is just the latest embarrassment surrounding a Texas school. Just last month, a Texas school suspended a nine-year-old boy for terrorism because he brought an imaginary Hobbit ring to school. Before that, another Texas school literally threw a child’s breakfast in the garbage to bully him out of 30 cents.

Schools in Texas must be seriously f*cked up places to work and learn. Clearly, the state government is incapable of running the public schools as safe environments for children managed by competent administrators. Perhaps that should be investigated, too.

Featured Image courtesy of Jezebel.