Uninsured, Bigoted Anti-Obamacare Sheriff Now Begging For Money To Pay Medical Bills (SCREENSHOTS)

So-called “Constitutional Sheriff” Richard Mack, a vocal opponent of Obamacare who revealed that Bundy Ranch supporters were planning to use women as human shields to win the Right’s propaganda campaign surrounding the seditionist mob’s armed standoff with law enforcement, is ironically struggling to pay medical bills that he and his wife incurred after they became seriously ill.

Mack and his wife do not have health insurance, and their son has started a GoFundMe campaign to ask family, friends, and complete strangers to pay their medical bills for them. “Because they are self-employed, they have no medical insurance and are in desperate need of our assistance, “Mack’s personal website explains.

Dawn Mack was hospitalized in November with “serious medical issues,” the post explains. In January 2015, Sheriff Mack suffered a heart attack that, according to the GoFundMe has left him with “ongoing” issues.

“Richard now needs some very special medical attention,” the GoFundMe explains. “We don’t know how much money will be required for him to recuperate and rehabilitate or when he will be able to work again, so the amount of the goal is just an estimate for the first step and may need to be adjusted as time goes on.”

Mack, who sits on the Oath Keepers’ Board of Directors and is the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, wrote on his web site in a long-winded diatribe regarding how the states can “stop Obama”:

The States do not have to take or support or pay for Obamacare or anything else from Washington DC. The States are not subject to federal direction.

Though Mack may not like the idea of people with “modest means” like himself receiving help in obtaining medical insurance, he is certainly willing to beg for money in order to offset his own terrible judgment. In a note on the GoFundMe, Mack wrote:

Since it appears that recovery will take a good deal of time with associated expenses, I struggle to not feel stress – both the stress of thinking about huge hospital and other medical bills as well as regular living expenses while I am unable to work — and also the stress of not being able to accomplish what I am so passionate about doing for others. It is difficult and humbling to say that we need your help, but we do.

Mack’s campaign has raised nearly $20,000 to date — but it has been met with much backhanded “advice” and mockery by those who understand that the Sheriff made his own bed with this one:

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Mack, pictured below with Las Vegas shooter Jerad Miller — also a temporary “defender” of Bundy Ranch — revealed that the group planned to line women up at the front of the ranks in case shooting happened. “If they’re going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers,” Mack said.


Richard Mack, pictured with Jerad Miller. Miller and his wife murdered two police officers in Las vegas, draping the Tea Party’s chosen symbol (the Gadsden Flag) over their bodies. Afterwards, the duo murdered a Good Guy With a Gun inside a nearby Walmart before they were taken down by police. (Image via SPLC)

Mack is also a vocal gay rights opponent. At a January rally, Mack called for an “uprising” against LGBT rights in Utah:

The people of Utah have rights, too, not just the homosexuals. The homosexuals are shoving their agenda down our throats…That’s a lie. That’s an absolute lie [that the federal government’s ruling overrules Utah’s laws]. We have a right to raise our kids without homosexuals being part of the Boy Scouts, the schools and teachers and doing everything. They can be all that, but don’t shove your agenda down my kid’s throat. We have a right to raise our kids how we want not how you want.  We don’t want any more of your gay appreciation parades.

“You’re never going to convince us that homosexual marriage is one of those innate, God-given rights. It’s not,” he said.  “If you read the Bible, you will plainly and simply see that it’s not.”

In the end, we have someone who regularly (and angrily) attempts to deprive others of their rights and well-being, yet is perfectly willing to beg for money when a conscious decision he made (to opt out of health care) leaves him with more bills than he can handle. Should he get the medical care he needs? Absolutely. Are those who donate toward paying his bills fools? Yes. Will the Sheriff learn a lesson about compassion? Probably not.

Perhaps he should go fund himself.