City Sick Of Drunk Guys Peeing Everywhere Uses Science To Give ‘Street P*ssers’ A Nasty Surprise (VIDEO)

If you live in a town or city larger than a thimble, you’ll be well aware of the problem of drunk guys peeing everywhere. In the street, shop doorways, subways, alleyways, children’s playgrounds – wherever they can lean against a wall basically. Well one city is peeing right back.

Hamburg is a German port city and a center for culture in Europe. It’s red-light district is called St Pauli – neon lights, grimy streets, XXX-rated bars nestle in a strange harmony alongside some of the trendiest hotspots on the continent. Every year more than 20 million people pass through the bustling square mile of post-industrial Germany, and most of them have to endure the pungent odor of human urine.

After prohibition and fines did nothing to quell the problem, the local community and authorities implemented a radical new approach: they covered the walls of St Pauli with a highly water-repellent paint. When men attempt to pee on such surfaces, they now suffer a ‘splash-back’ effect, leaving them doused in their own urine.

Julia Staron, a member of IG St Pauli, the community group behind the scheme says:

“Dear Street Pissers: Beware. Not every wall has a warning sign. By now, many walls have been prepared with this coating.”

“Prohibitions and fines do scarcely anything,”

“So we decided to solve the problem our own way. Now, St Pauli pees back.”

The new development has received a warm welcome from the vast majority of local residents, but visiting tourists are likely to be less positive. But to be honest, Hamburg’s citizens have to put up with screeching gaggles of paralytic foreigners every day of the week – the very least that tourists can do is make their way to a toilet when they need to relieve themselves. After all, most of us mastered toileting pretty early on in life.

Well done St Pauli.

Featured Image via Nairaland