Creationist Rejects 2.8 Million-Year-Old Jawbone Because ‘The Bible’ (AUDIO)

Creationists regularly, and enthusiastically, provide us with many forays into the depths of human stupidity. Recently, a “true believer” made an absolute bunghole of herself while critiquing a science museum’s anti-God, liberal-indoctrinating propaganda while bungling an attempt at proving to the world that dragons exist — because the Bible says so.

Australian scientist Tas Walker, a geologist from Creation Ministries International, has thrown his hat into the ring as the next Creationist to embarrass humanity, Christians, and the scientific community, by saying something monumentally stupid — specifically, that a 2.8 million-year-old fossil unearthed in an Ethiopian desert can’t possibly be more than 6,000 years old because the Bible is infallible, and it is in that book we must place our trust rather than the cumulative knowledge of the scientific community:

“Every dating method is based on assumptions about the past, and so you choose the dating method to get the date the sort of date to fit in with where it is and you select the results that fit in with your research program”

“The only way to reliably know the age of something is by eyewitness reports,” Walker said. “That’s how I know my age, that’s how you know your age, and basically the Bible gives us an eyewitness report — people who were there from the beginning that’s recorded down, and it’s about 6,000 years old.”

Walker acknowledges that the jawbone exists, and that it was legitimately discovered, but disputes its significance. According to the Creationist, everything up to the age of the fossil is disputable:

“The argument, or the differences, is over the interpretation – and the evolutionary interpretation is based upon basically a belief system that evolution happened. So it’s just plugged into that belief, it’s a whole framework.”

So , he plugged it into his own belief system — one that includes a 6,000 year old planet and unicorns, yet fights to be recognized as legitimate science. According to Walker, the jawbone proves the Biblical account of the flood:

“These particular fossils, this jawbone in Ethiopia, it’s found there within sediment that’s classified as Pliocene, 2.8 million years old, according to the evolutionary model,” he said. “But that would be very, very late flood, most likely, and these would be the remains of creatures that perished, and this is just the remains of the carcasses being buried as the floodwaters were receding right toward the very end of that event.”

Hear it for yourself, below: