GOP Senator Writes Letter To Iranian Leader To Stop Deal, Then Meets With Defense Companies

Republicans want a war. No, not just the current longstanding beef they have with President Obama, but an outright war… with Iran.

Many have speculated as such, but it has become most clear right now as freshman Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) led the charge to send a letter to Iran to tell them not to take a deal with President Obama.

The 47 Republicans who decided they know better said in their letter:

Nothing like having someone who doesn’t understand the Constitution formulate a letter to a nation that we have been dealing with delicately for some time now. I mean seriously, a high school U.S. History class student would’ve written a better letter in a less condescending tone.

That letter was sent Monday.

On Tuesday, Cotton is going to an event for the National Defense Industrial Association.

That’s right, 24 hours after being the person who rallied the troops (so to speak, and pun intended) to send a dangerously provocative letter to Iran — skirting the Obama administration, pretending the GOP is all powerful in Washington, potentially destroying any chance at a deal that will broker peace — Senator Cotton meets with Defense Contractors.


I mean, he’s not even hiding how obnoxiously obvious his intentions are. Does he realize how awful this looks? Does he care?

How does Cotton really feel things should be dealt with regarding Iran? Last December, he said that Congress should seriously consider giving Israel a surplus of B-52 bombers, and that the United States should “reimpose” sanctions on Iran. He said:

“In my opinion, the negotiations were a grievous mistake from the beginning, and they quickly became a sham; now they’re a farce.”

Cotton wants to aid Israel by giving them 30,000 “bunker-busting” bombs that can destroy Iranian nuclear research sites. He said of this kind of move:

“Send the right signal to our allies in the region and to the regime in Iran.”

And definitely create some work for your contractor buddies, huh?

Senator Cotton is playing with quite literal fire here. This is real-life Stratego here. Delicate negotiations and diplomatic foreign relations are at stake as he tries to show off military might and, in turn, make a lot of money for his defense contractor friends.

As I said before, Republicans want a war. They don’t like President Obama trying to bring peace to a region with his brain and not just overzealous brawn as his predecessor did all too often.

This is dangerous behavior, and the Republicans involved should be held accountable.



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