Key GOP 2016 Hopefuls Speak At Liberty Counsel’s ‘The Awakening’ (VIDEOS)

Far right hate group the Liberty Counsel  held an event this past weekend that was full of wing nut conspiracy theorists and some of the most extreme crackpots around. Even worse than the fact that this event was held at all is the fact that three of the attendees want to be president.

Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum, all whom will likely seek to be the GOP nominee for President in 2016, all attended this odious event. Just to give you an idea about what kind of event this was, here are a few of the good folks who were front and center there, starting with Mat Starver, who sincerely believes that homosexuality should be against the law, and who has warned his Christian Brethren that allowing same-sex couples to marry will cause the destruction of civilization. Here is a video of Starver expressing those views:

Another attendee at this past weekend’s right wing hate fest was none other than Kamal Saleem, who insists that President Obama is not only a secret Muslim, but also spends his Christmases not in Hawaii with his family, but at a mosque in Washington. That’s not the worst that this character has to offer, though. He claims to be a former Islamic terrorist with special inside information on how radical Islamic terrorists operate, and has his true-believing followers snowed into thinking that he and only he can rid America of the threat of a great Muslim takeover. Of course, Saleem’s story has been all but been proven false, so no one but his fellow nuts on the right will believe a word of it anyway. Aside from the falsehoods he peddles about himself to make sure he keeps his followers scared and ignorant, Saleem has also claimed that former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton would be moving in to shut down churches soon.

I could go on, but I think those two speakers alone should give anyone reading this a pretty good idea of just what this “Awakening” event was like. And three prominent attendees of a group filled with hardcore haters and crazy conspiracy theorists want to be president of this nation and leader of the free world. Think about that for a second, and what it would mean if this frightening prospect became a reality. Fringe groups like the Liberty Council and the Family Research Council and the like would have advocates and allies in the White House. Imagine an America run by people like that, and let it make you vote and campaign for others to do so as well, lest these people have the run of this nation come 2017.


H/T: Right Wing Watch Featured Image: Video Screenshot