Around The World, People Say The United States Is Most Dangerous To World Peace

Last year, the WIN/Gallup International annual global End of Year survey made headlines when it showed that statistically, the United States was ranked as the greatest threat to world peace. Yes, one out of four people view the United States as the greatest threat to world peace. And in the year since this poll was conducted, the US has not exactly improved its position. And this state, our actions, are undermining the United States itself, and its role on the world stage.

The United States’ role has slowly shifted over time from the bastion of democracy to the global bully. From the 1953 Iranian Coup to the attempted Coup in Venezuela last month, the United States has, over decades, eroded away the goodwill it had earned in helping to depose the Third Reich.

The erosion of Pax Americana with the resulting emergence of a potential American Empire has made the world wary. With the collapse of the United States economic engine, and the rise of the military-industrial complex, the reality is that the American military is the center of the American Economy. As such, it should be no surprise that the world is now viewing the United States as the beginning of an inevitable American Empire.

Can this be sustained? And should it? The world fears America, as it well should, having a military budget larger than many nations’ GDP. The inability for the United States to be good neighbors in the world makes the eventual military confrontation that much more alarming for nations around the world. Are the nations we consider our friends actually friendly, or are they only acting friendly out of fear of American retaliation. After all, the United States has turned on its allies before.

The United States was once a great nation, but now it has turned in to the very thing our political adversaries have called us, the global bully. Is this the America we have created? Will we change our course before it is too late, or will we cause the next global conflict ourselves through our refusal to accept any answer other than complete and absolute obedience?