LA Teacher Told Students Lincoln Was A ‘N*gger Lover’ And Michael Brown ‘Got What He Deserved’

A California family is suing their local school district over some remarks they say a teacher made in class. CBS Los Angeles reports the suit alleges that  a Los Angeles Unified School District teacher made numerous racist statements in front of (and focused on) their mixed-race daughter, identified in court documents as “Maggie B.,” and another African-American student in class.

The teacher, Steven Carnine, allegedly explained to the class that “thug” Michael Brown “got what he deserved,” and that “black people are not smart,” as well as that Lincoln was a “n*gger lover.”

“Thug,” of course, has become the right-wing substitute for the “n-word.” On the white supremacist website, Chimpout, one poster explains that:

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“Most people understand that ‘thug’ means nigger,” responds a poster identified as ‘Judeo-Christian,’ who wonders how long it will be before black people “catch on” to the meaning.  “What will happen is that humans will start using the word more and more and on TV the right-wing programs on Fox will have shots of crazed n*ggers and the anchor will say ‘thug’ and soon everyone will picture a n*gger when they hear the word ‘thug.'”

The minor plaintiff, half-black and half-white, began attending Paul Revere Charter School in the seventh grade, and according to the complaint, selected the school because of its racial and socioeconomic diversity.

The day after Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Carnine handed a questionnaire asking his eighth grade students about racial stereotypes. During a discussion, Carnine brought up the shooting of Michael Brown at the hands of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, whose department was recently found to contain so much racism and corruption it might be best to just shut it down.

“In discussing the incident, Carnine said that the guy was a thug and he got what he deserved,” according to the lawsuit. He added that “Black people are judged for not being smart because they are not smart. A lot of them are just athletes.”

The teacher explained that, if he was alone at night and two black men were walking behind him, he was “immediately going to be scared and think they are either going to steal from me or hurt me.”

The father, identified in court documents as “Shawn B.,” complained to Principal Christopher Perdigao, who said that Carnine was “old school,” and the best way to handle it was to meet with him. However, that same day, Carnine gave a lecture on the Civil War in which he explained that  “people didn’t like Lincoln because he was a (N-word) lover” — all the while “staring and smirking” at the teen girl.

The girl’s father and mother returned to speak with school officials. Assistant Principal Thomas Iannucci promised to investigate the remarks, but said that “there is no need to go to the press.”

The girl now fears for her safety at school, according to the suit, which notes that she has been “subjected to glares and hostile stares” from both her teacher and the assistant principal. “Plaintiff has also suffered from sleep problems and anxiety since these incidents arose,” the suit says.

The lawsuit asks for unspecified damages as well as a court order directing that the Los Angeles Unified School District provide students with accommodations “free from prohibited discrimination.”