Sorry Rick Scott, Admit Climate Change Is Real Or Florida Loses $100M+ In FEMA Funding

Florida’s climate change denying Governor, Rick Scott, and fellow knuckle-dragging heads of red states have a decision to make. Do they stick to their guns and continue to deny climate change or do they embrace the accepted science?

They’ll need to think long and hard on this one. The stakes are high. If they stick with their ignorant, anti-science rhetoric, they stand to lose millions in federal aid.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has revised its guidelines for state disaster preparedness planning. The new guidelines go into effect beginning next year. To be eligible to receive a portion of the $1 Billion in funding set aside for state disaster preparedness programs, states are now required to address the threat of climate change.

Scott’s ridiculous scheme banning the terms “climate change” and “global warming” now come with serious consequences. Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, aka Senator Snowball, can throw as many snowballs on the Senate floor as he likes, but if his state doesn’t address climate change it’s going to cost him.

Salon has analyzed FEMA’s new guidelines. The guidelines state,

“The challenges posed by climate change, such as more intense storms, frequent heavy precipitation, heat waves, drought, extreme flooding, and higher sea levels, could significantly alter the types and magnitudes of hazards impacting states in the future,” the guidelines explain. They direct states to “assess vulnerability, identify a strategy to guide decisions and investments, and implement actions that will reduce risk, including impacts from a changing climate.”

Becky Hammer, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council’s water program explained the situation facing climate deniers to Inside Climate News,

“If a state has a climate denier governor that doesn’t want to accept a plan, that would risk mitigation work not getting done because of politics, the governor would be increasing the risk to citizens in that state,” said Hammer.

California and Connecticut already consider the impact of climate change in their plans, but many states, most notably Florida and Texas do not. According to a report prepared by Columbia Law School’s Center for Climate Change Law, a total of 18 states are either dismissive of climate change or don’t address it at all.

Here’s a list of the eighteen offending states: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Dakota and Wyoming. Not surprisingly, most of the anti-science policy comes from red states.

This is great news for the people living in red states. Now petty politics and greed won’t doom them to the absolute worst consequences of climate change.