Bullies Harass 11-Year-Old Girl And Threaten To Rape Her- School Does Nothing (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Mistie Fetzer got the kind of secretive, after-hours phone call no mother wants to hear. The call came from a concerned teacher at Doctor Phillips Elementary School in Orlando, Fla., where Fetzer’s 11-year-old daughter goes to school.

The teacher told Fetzer she had just found out that three boys had been tormenting her daughter for months on end by sexually harassing her, touching her inappropriately, and threatening to rape her. The teacher also revealed that she was calling on her personal phone instead of a school phone, and begged Fetzer not to reveal her identity, because she might get fired for this.

To make matters worse, the teacher added that the school’s principal, Daniel Merchant, knew what was going on but refused to do anything about it.

Fetzer told WFTV 9 she and her husband — the girl’s step father — felt outraged that neither they nor the child’s father heard about this from Merchant. Nor can they believe that they — not the school — were the ones who filed a complaint with the Florida County Sheriff’s office. The angry mom plans on pressing charges against the three boys who sexually harassed her daughter.

Fetzer explained how helpless she feels knowing her daughter is not safe at school:

“You want them to know that you can protect them. And that’s the worst feeling in the world to know that your kid’s at school where they’re supposed to be protected, and they’re not.”

Fetzer added that what’s happening to her daughter is way beyond the pale.

“It’s something serious. It’s not ‘boys being boys.’ It’s serious business.”

The horrified mom finally heard from the school’s superintendent and got an apology, but that’s probably only because WFTV 9 aired her story on the local news. Fetzer adds that her daughter no longer feels safe going to school and that she now realizes that the young girl’s grades started sliding right around when the bullies started sexually harassing her.

WFTV 9 reporter Kathi Belich also mentioned that school officials confirmed that it’s school policy to contact a student’s parents about these kind of incidents. Alas, Doctor Phillips Elementary School has some serious issues when it comes to sexual harassment. Believe it or not, yet another egregious incident made headlines recently.

WFTV 9 reports that less than two weeks ago, Merchant made headlines after he and an assistant principal from another Orange County, Fla. elementary school exchanged text messages that referred to the female teachers in their schools as “vaginas on fire.”

Someone seriously needs to fire this idiot.

Here’s the video with Fetzer from WFTV 9. We apologize for the autoplay.

But wait, there’s more to Fetzer’s story.

What happened to Fetzer’s daughter already seems appalling enough, but it turns out that WFTV 9 barely even got into it.

This writer’s friend and colleague Paul Loebe — a Marine who’s served in Iraq, and covers religion, politics and social justice issues for Rock Beyond Belief, If You Only News, Liberal America, and others — knows Fetzer personally. The military community’s a small world and Fetzer served in the Air Force — along with her husband, her former husband (her daughter’s father), and the father’s current wife.

Fetzer gave Loebe quite an earful on details that didn’t get aired in the news report:

  • Three other girls were also sexually harassed by the three boys, but the families don’t want to file a complaint or press charges.
  • The three boys are also only 11 years old, and take classes separately from the rest of the students due to prior disciplinary issues.
  • Fetzer’s daughter (and presumably the other victims) were harassed during physical education class at the school’s play yard. Apparently, the three boys do not take separate P.E. classes.
  • When Fetzer’s daughter bent over to pick up a ball, the boys would smack her rear end. When she told them to stop, they’d say, “No one can stop us. We can do whatever we want.”
  • The three boys would also tell the four girls, “I wanna rape you.”
  • The P.E. teacher never seemed to notice any of this going on. Another teacher saw an incident taking place, intervened, and Fetzer’s daughter confessed to her.
  • Fetzer’s daughter had good grades at the beginning of the year, but they began slipping as the sexual harassment escalated.
  • Deborah Gore, a school district investigator and victim blamer, contacted Fetzer to inform her that students were “collaborating” on a Kick social media account, and accused the girls of somehow encouraging or instigating the boys’ inexcusably vile behavior. But of course a school run by people Gore and Merchant would blame the victims.
  • The families at this school seem to have a serious case of affluenza. Doctor Phillips is located in a ritzy area of Orlando where well-heeled parents drive their kids to school in fancy cars.

We bet this is not the last we’ll hear from Fetzer. Hell hath no fury like a mama bear.

Featured image: cc 2009/Stars Alive via Wikimedia Commons.