GOP Rep. Peter King Would Rather Jump Off A Bridge Than See Ted Cruz Get The Republican Nomination (VIDEO)

Republican Rep. Peter King didn’t hold back while commenting about Ted Cruz entering the race for the presidency in 2016. In short, he pulverized him.

During an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, King dismissed Cruz as a man with no ideas who hasn’t really done anything during his time in the Senate except use his big mouth to bellow falsehoods and divisiveness.

“We need intelligent debate in the country. Ted Cruz may be an intelligent person, but he doesn’t carry out an intelligent debate. He over simplifies, he exaggerates and he basically led the Republican Party over the cliff in the fall of 2013. He has shown no qualifications, no legislation being passed, doesn’t provide leadership and he has no real experience. So, to me, he is just a guy with a big mouth and no results.”

But that’s not all. King saved the best line for later on, telling Blitzer that if Cruz were to capture the GOP nomination in 2016 he would jump off a bridge rather than watch as America suffers through the stupidity and destructiveness of a Cruz campaign.

“I hope that day never comes,” King said of the potential of a Cruz nomination. “I will jump off that bridge when we come to it.”

King had released a statement earlier on Monday referring to Cruz as a “carnival barker” and said he would only support Cruz if he changed his tune and became a real conservative instead of a batsh*t crazy extremist. In other words, it will be a cold day in hell before King supports him.

“It’d be very difficult,” King continued. “Maybe he can go on the road to Damascus, he can have a complete conversion. But the way it is right now, it’d be very difficult to support Ted Cruz.”

Here’s the video via CNN.

Ever since he announced his candidacy, Cruz has been mercilessly mocked far and wide by Democrats and Republicans alike. Morning Joe began the pile-on when Donny Deustch called Cruz a slightly smarter Sarah Palin while Mika Brzezinski compared him to right-wing nuts Herman Cain and Rick Perry. Since then, it’s been a feeding frenzy demonstrating that Cruz should probably drop out of the race before he even starts campaigning – before he suffers further embarrassment. Because it’s pretty clear that the only people who support him are the crazy conservative “Christians” that the American people have rejected time and time again.

Featured Image via Jamelle Bouie/Flickr